Casual season 3 is currently streaming on Hulu

By Lanford Beard and Aurelie Corinthios
May 23, 2017 02:41 PM
Credit: Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for Hulu

Pretty much everything is in changeover as Casual embarks upon its third season on Hulu, but one thing will remain consistent: plenty of nudity.

Indeed, the show’s cast has been baring soul and skin for two seasons now, and star Tommy Dewey teases there’s plenty more where that came from, including a cheeky performance by a former Gossip Girl heartthrob.

“Anyone who comes on the show, you’re going to show your ass,” Dewey teases upcoming guest star Chace Crawford. “I demand it.”

“Obviously he’s terribly handsome,” Dewey tells PEOPLE of the 31-year-old. “I think I can spoil this: He has a man bun. He’s a man bun dude. And his butt appears in the show this year, so I did a lot of squats this season just to keep pace.”

Dewey, 38, reveals Crawford will play a love interest for his on-screen sister Michaela Watkins, which means the former Saturday Night Live star also “goes on a hell of a run this year.”

He continues, “Michaela and I have a running joke about who has more closed set days in a given season. I think she won this year. First season, I carried the burden. At this point it’s old hat. I’ll drop trou for anything.”

Barr, 23, told PEOPLE at Hulu’s 2017 Upfronts that the feeling is mutual for Watkins: “She was talking to us about [the sex scenes] and was like, ‘I just wanted to rip off the pasties and just go wild!’ ”

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While Dewey’s character Alex had welcomed Watkins’ Valerie and his niece Laura (Tara Lynne Barr) into his home during the first two seasons, the start of season 3 sees the semi-functional family unit split apart after Alex and Valerie’s father’s death.

“Since Michaela and Tara’s characters have moved out, this season’s a lot about, ‘Can these three find other humans to attach themselves to?’ ” says Dewey. Alex, he notes, is broke, lonely and “a mess for the first piece of the season.”

That said, the cynical former dating app creator’s love life does pick up when he meets a new woman named Judy, played by Arrested Deveopment standout Judy Greer.

Dewey co-wrote an episode with Watkins later in the season that “kicks off that storyline. She’s got a kid and Alex, in all of his desperate searching, is trying to link up and become part of that family. As you might imagine, Alex’s attempt to become a kind of a father doesn’t go terribly well.”

And so it’s inevitable that Alex, Valerie and Laura will inevitably reunite over the course of the season, Dewey assures.

“With those three characters, it’s a matter of them seeing if they can exist outside of that family unit,” he says, “but there’s of course a magnetism that pulls them back together.”

Casual season 3 is currently streaming on Hulu.