The Sweetest Photos of the 'Never Have I Ever' Cast Hanging Out In Real Life

Never Have I Ever has officially been renewed for a third season! In honor of the great news, look through these photos of the cast behind the scenes 

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Never Have I Ever Cast BTS
Darren Barnet/Instagram

The cast of Never Have I Ever is coming back for season 3, and never have we ever been more excited! In honor of the momentous occasion, look through these photos of the cast hanging out behind the scenes.

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Name a more iconic trio than Eleanor, Devi and Fabiola, played by Ramona Young, Maitreyi Ramakrishnan and Lee Rodriguez. (You can't, it's impossible!)

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The trio looks like they manage to have a ton of fun when the cameras aren't rolling.

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Ramakrishnan put it best when she captioned this photo, "Big appreciation post for these homies. Miss you guys so much. Devi, Eleanor, and Fabiola have NOTHING on the three of us🥰❤️."

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Young celebrated the show coming back for season 3 with a cheerful photo alongside Rodriguez.

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The show's creator, Mindy Kaling, gushed over the cast and crew on Instagram after the show's second season premiered in July. She wrote alongside a series of photos on set, "Cast your eyes on these behind-the-scenes pics of my favorite people from @neverhaveiever! I love them so much."

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Ramakrishnan celebrated Kaling's birthday with a sweet photo of the pair trying their best to take a selfie. She wrote on Instagram, "This is what happens when you put two busy women together who don't know how to act when taking a selfie. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MINDY!! I hope you love this blurry photo of us as much as I do. *insert mushy paragraph about how much I love you here* and thank you for just being YOU. Here's to another year of blurry on set photos (seriously this photo is actually hella wholesome)🥳💕."

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And the feeling is mutual! Kaling shared a selfie with Ramakrishnan after the show's premiere, calling her "my honorary daughter."

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Kaling also shared photos from the cast's very first table read. Look at all of those smiling faces!

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Young shared a behind-the-scenes photo with Ramakrishnan, Rodriguez, Benjamin Norris (who plays Trent on the show) and Jaren Lewison (who plays Ben). In the shot, the group poses in masks while shooting season 2.

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"Our happy place," Darren Barnet (who plays certified hottie Paxton Hall-Yoshida) captioned photos with Richa Moorjani, Ramakrishnan and Lewison.

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Who needs sunshine when you've got the cast of Never Have I Ever to brighten up your feed?

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Never Have I Ever Cast BTS
Lee Rodriguez/Instagram

Rodriguez and Young have a very animated chat with Christina Kartchner, who plays Rodriguez's onscreen love interest, Eve.

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Aw, look: Young is getting the "new kids" acquainted with the set. She posed with Tyler Alvarez (who plays her onscreen boyfriend Malcolm) and Megan Suri (who plays Devi's one-sided frenemy, Aneesa) while filming season 2.

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Never Have I Ever Cast BTS
Megan Suri/Instagram

Suri and Lewison looked comfy cozy while filming the iconic 24-hour relay for charity.

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Ramakrishnan looked a bit less comfy and cozy in her behind-the-scenes snap, which she deemed the "best BTS selfie."

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Never Have I Ever Cast BTS
Megan Suri/Instagram

Did you think that Aneesa and Ben were mint to be? Or were you team Benvi?

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Never Have I Ever Cast BTS
Jaren Lewison/Instagram

You've got to admit, these two make a pretty adorable couple! #TeamBenvi

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But #TeamDaxton also looks adorable together. How could anyone expect us to choose?!

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Never Have I Ever Cast BTS
Megan Suri/Instagram

These two are the ones we're really pulling for to become besties. Never have we ever... been more jealous that we weren't there to gab with Ramakrishnan and Suri between takes.

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A BTS photo fit for Sherman Oaks' first Cricket Queens! Talk about a power couple!

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Looks like there's no shortage of goofing off between takes on the set of Never Have I Ever.

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Darren Barnet wrote alongside his behind-the-scenes snaps, "There was nothing ordinary during the entire process of of making @neverhaveiever ... So here are some photos that capture just how out of the ordinary it truly was."

He joked of a photo with Poorna Jagannathan (who plays Devi's mom Nalini), "Also this first picture was taken immediately after Paxton told Nalini that he wasn't an honor student 🤷‍♂️."

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Proof that Ramakrishnan was, in fact, inside of the cricket suit for her epic apology cheer.

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In the world of tennis legend John McEnroe, "Paxton's chiseled face actually worked a miracle" when his acrobatics made Devi walk again.

Barnet shared a photo from the epic season 1 moment to his Instagram captioned, "Trent dared me to do it. Then Devi began walking again. You're a true hero, Trent."

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It doesn't get much more wholesome that Lewison captioning these photos from set, "Go crickets! 🦗 #RememberTheFeeling."

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The cast is so close, they even photoshopped Ramakrishnan and Young into a photo of the cast at a Clippers game.

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The Vishwakumar ladies ... and Ben, were all smiles while filming in Malibu.

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Jinkies! The Never Have I Ever gang dressed up as the Mystery Gang from Scooby Doo and, we've got to say, all of their character choices track.

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Ramakrishnan posted an epic photo "just chilling with the aunties," adding, "this photo makes us look like a super hero squad and I love it."

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The adults also manage to have some fun! Richa Moorjani, who plays Devi's cousin Kamala, posted a series of photos with her TV aunt, Poorna Jagannathan.

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Never Have I Ever Cast BTS
Richa Moorjani/Instagram

Coffee? Check. Script? Check. Golf cart to set? Check. Dynamic duo? Double check!

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Onscreen cousins and real-life dance partners. Ramakrishnan shared a series of photos with Moorjani as they rehearsed a Bollywood dance together.

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The kids of Sherman Oaks, everyone! We can't wait to see them all in season 3!

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