Christina Hendricks, Retta, and Mae Whitman tell us what makes them besties on and off screen in this weeks 'Extra moments' friendship series

By Claudia Harmata
February 27, 2019 06:29 PM

This week, the girl squad of NBC’s hit comedy drama Good Girls joined us on PEOPLE Now to fill us in about their on- and off- screen friendship.

“We click as friends and we click as work mates, and then we also click as both,” Christina Hendricks, who plays Beth Boland, tells PEOPLE. “It’s an extraordinary thing that like, we would just be friends if we weren’t working together.”

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And the group of “girls’ girls,” (as Retta, who plays Ruby Hill, called them), have “no apologies” for their undeniable friendship that can sometimes lead to a girl’s night out gone too far. Mae Whitman (Annie Marks), recalled one such night, where post-drinking munchies got the best of Hendricks.

“There was this one night when everybody was drinking and Christina was hungry and I was like, ‘I’ll make you a chicken sandwich,’… and she ate it and she wanted another chicken sandwich so I made another chicken sandwich,” Whitman explained.

“In the morning Christina woke up and she was like, ‘Wow you guys ate a lot last night! You ate both those chicken sandwiches, how were they? I didn’t get tto try them’,” Whitman recalls. “And I literally was like ‘But … You ate the chicken’!”

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Laughing hysterically, they reveal the key to bouncing back from their fun nights out.

“Ownership,” Retta admitted. “I own it.”

When Hendricks texted Retta one morning to apologize after another one of their fun outings, her pal’s response was all she needed to hear.

“She’s like ‘We’re grown,’” Hendricks laughed. “And I was like ‘Copy that, see ya later’.”

Fans of the besties can see the trio return to NBC this March as season two of Good Girls is set to air on March 3, 2019. The show first aired in 2018, after writer-producer Jenna Bans pitched the TV series after feeling compelled to write a show that highlighted the female experience, according to the Los Angeles Times.