What if Central Perk was located in Mayberry?
Credit: Ryansd/DeviantArt

Friends is one of the most iconic television shows of all time. But what if it were somehow more iconic?

What if Central Perk were located in Mayberry? Or perhaps Seattle Grace Hospital?

What about the Old West?

That was the prompt that DeviantArt user Ryan Derrick used as the impetus for his most recent Photoshop series, in which Ross, Rachel and the gang invade other TV shows and movie settings.

Grey’s Anatomy

We’re not really sure we’d trust Phoebe with our medical well-being.


We’ve heard Phoebe sing, but how would the rest of the cast sound? A Friends-led production of Grease would certainly be one way to find out.

Super Friends

We don’t know if Joey would be too happy with the role of Robin, but it would be fun to watch him and Chandler argue about it forever.

How the West Was Won

After seeing this, we have one thought: David Schwimmer should grow a mustache. Immediately.

Breakfast Club

Why did this reboot never happen??

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