FIRST LOOK: See the Cast of Disney Channel's 'Girl Meets World'

The spinoff of Boy Meets World comes 14 years after the original went off the air

Photo: Bob D'Amico/Disney

Cory and Topanga are officially back together on TV. And they have kids!

It’s been 14 years since Boy Meets World went off the air, but Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel are back to reprise their roles on a brand new Disney Channel series.

Set in New York City, Girl Meets World picks up more than 10 years after Boy Meets World left off. The former adolescent flames are now married and raising two children, 7th-grade daughter Riley (Rowan Blanchard) and son Auggie (August Maturo). The story is centered around Riley, the title character.

Girl Meets World is a new show for a new generation that will be rooted in the same kind of honest, comedic storytelling about coming of age and the importance of family and friendship that made Boy Meets World so popular,” says creator Michael Jacobs.

And when it comes to bringing Topanga back, Danielle Fishel couldn’t be happier.

“When the news leaked that Girl Meets World was in the making, literally days after I first heard about the project myself, Michael Jacobs and I had a conversation and we talked about how we were both so blown away by the reactions from all of you,” she writes on her blog about fans of the series.

“We felt honored. We felt nostalgic. We felt touched by the excitement in your comments, tweets, Tumblr and Facebook posts. But most of all, we felt inspired. We felt inspired to bring these characters back to life and to tell you more of their stories.”

The show is set to premiere this summer.

PHOTO: Boy Meets World Cast Meets Girl Meets World!

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