'The Bachelor' 's Cassie Randolph: 'I Feel Like the Luckiest Girl'

Cassie Randolph revealed where her and Colton Underwood's relationship now stands

Cassie Randolph and Colton Underwood are in love, but the happy Bachelor couple isn’t quite ready to walk down the aisle just yet.

During the Bachelor finale on Tuesday evening, the pair joined Chris Harrison during the live taping, where she confirmed, “We’re super in love!”

Although the couple isn’t yet engaged, they did confirm that “It’s definitely something we’ve talked about.”

“Nothing’s holding me back right now,” said Randolph about getting engaged.

So why hasn’t Underwood popped the question?

“We still have a lot of conversation to have and a lot of room to grow,” said Underwood, who hopes to ask Randolph’s father for his blessing again. “He just wants to ask him again,” Randolph said about her father.

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For now, the pair is looking forward to spending more time together in closer proximity.

“I moved out here. We’re going to be traveling a lot this next year … we’re not going to rush anything,” Underwood said of relocating to Los Angeles, where Randolph lives.

“We’re still going to be together every single day,” said Randolph. She added with a smile, “I’m so excited.”

Following in Bachelor tradition, Underwood also presented Randolph with a final rose. “I know with how everything ended, I didn’t get this chance. So I know we started this with 30 roses … and this is the final rose and I’m looking forward to a lifetime of happiness with you,” he said as he asked if she would accept the red flower.

Harrison then asked one of the lingering questions that many viewers still wanted answered: Is Underwood still a virgin? Out of respect for each other, Underwood said that the duo had decided to keep that information private.

“Watching it back, I had no idea how dramatic it was,” Randolph said about the show. “I’m so glad that he did too. I feel like the luckiest girl,” she said about him pursuing her after her rejection

On Tuesday night, Bachelor Nation watched as Underwood, 27, and Randolph rekindled their romance after he sent home runner-ups Tayshia Adams and Hannah Godwin.

During part 2 of the finale, the duo jointly decided to take their relationship day by day before Randolph met Underwood’s family, who expressed their concerns over the couple being on two different pages: Underwood professed his love for Randolph, who was still working out her feelings.

Rick Rowell/ABC

But after a beachside day date, which was followed by an intimate dinner, the couple spent the night together.

Although Underwood, a virgin, didn’t reveal on the pre-taped episode whether he gave his virginity to Randolph, he shared, “I feel very good waking up. Last night with Cassie was absolutely incredible and I feel like a new man. We had an amazing night. We did what was best for our relationship and we grew as a couple. We had a great time last night,” he said with a smirk. While he declined to elaborate, he said, “A gentleman never kisses and tells. But, I do want you to know that I am very happy and you can use your imagination.”

Rick Rowell/ABC

While in bed the next morning, Randolph asked, “What’s next?”

“Give it our best shot — together,” Underwood said.

Craig Sjodin/ABC (2)

“I love Cassie and I know it’s the end of this chapter, but I’m so hopeful that it’s the beginning of a new one and am amazing one,” Underwood said during a confessional. “I’m very excited. We are finally at a point where we are on the same page and I can’t wait to wake up next to her over and over again.”

After he broke off his romances with Adams and Godwin, Underwood spoke with PEOPLE about the controversial decision.

WATCH: Colton Underwood Addresses Jumping the Fence

“I was ready to end the show,” admitted Underwood about Randolph, who left him after he professed his love.

“Once I had the conversation with Cassie, my mind was made up. I was either going to leave by myself, or I was leaving with her,” he shared.

And after the infamous fence jump, Underwood was able to collect his thoughts, and realized he needed to break up with both Adams and Godwin in person.

“I had to do what was right, and what was best for them, and that was to have that tough conversation,” he said.

“I knew I could walk away heartbroken,” said the Bachelor star. “But I had to fight for Cassie.”

The Bachelor: After the Final Rose is airing live on ABC.

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