Casey Anthony Actress Replaced in TV Movie

Virginia Welch steps into the role that originally had gone to Holly DeVeaux

Photo: Courtesy Virginia Welch; Landov

Casey Anthony’s getting a new look.

A week into the filming of the Lifetime movie Imperfect Justice, the role of the woman acquitted last year of murdering her 2-year-old daughter has been recast.

Canadian actress Holly DeVeaux has dropped out of the project, replaced by Virginia Welch, an actress who has starred in several independent films and commercials.

According to a source close to the production, the decision for DeVeaux to leave the production was mutual.

“Holly moved on and they recast the role,” says the source. “This is one of those decisions that happens all the time. Holly was good and very talented; it just didn’t work.”

Casting for the film includes The Office star Oscar Nunez as defense attorney Jose Baez. Kevin Dunn and Marina Stephenson Kerr will play Anthony’s parents George and Cindy Anthony. And Rob Lowe will play prosecutor Jeff Ashton. (Lowe is also a producer of the film.)

“It’s flattering,” Ashton recently told PEOPLE with a laugh. “They clearly weren’t going for someone who looked exactly like me.”

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