Miss Nebraska Sarah Rose Summers was crowned Miss USA 2018

It wasn’t one of the beauty queens whose gaffe set Twitter ablaze during this year’s Miss USA competition.

On Monday night, Queer Eye vet Carson Kressley angered viewers when he remarked that picking a winner from the 51 pageant hopefuls felt “like Sophie’s Choice,” the 1982 drama in which Meryl Streep‘s character had to decide which of her children the Nazis would kill.

“They’re all so good,” he remarked while offering commentary during the competition.

But reference rubbed many the wrong way.

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“Eeeeek: Carson Kressley on #MissUSA pageant looks at the Top 15 and says ‘It’s a Sophie’s Choice!’ Someone never read the book or saw the movie,” one person tweeted.

“So I guess if he were living Sophie’s Choice, she’d be the saved child & the others taken to be shot immediately? #classless #carsonkressley,” another wrote.

@CarsonKressley Sophie’s Choice? Seriously? What a d—,” another said.

Credit: Sarah Summers/Instagram

Kressley’s rep did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

Miss Nebraska Sarah Rose Summers was crowned Miss USA 2018, beating Miss North Carolina and Miss Nevada in the top three.