"I want to tell people who bully, it doesn't make me change the way I judge," Carrie Ann Inaba said

Carrie Ann Inaba isn't letting the bullies get to her.

During Tuesday's episode of CBS's The Talk, the longtime Dancing With the Stars judge, 52, revealed that she's been the target of some criticism for her judging during the current season of the popular reality dance competition.

"I'm 52 and I still get bullied. Right about this time is when people start to bully me because of the way I judge people," Inaba said. "I can't believe it still happens as adults."

Inaba went on to say that despite the backlash, she plans to continue her judging style.

"I want to tell people who bully, it doesn't make me change the way I judge. I'm not about to change because you try to bully me. It only makes me stand stronger in my convictions and what I believe in," Inaba said.

She added, "Just so you all know, for all of you trying to bully me about it. I judge the way I judge from my background. That is my job to do it and I will always do it based on my own conscience, not because you're trying to tell me what to do."

Courtesy Carrie Ann Inaba

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The criticism aimed at Inaba has been primarily for her rough remarks towards contestant Kaitlyn Bristowe and her dance partner, Artem Chigvintsev, in the last couple of weeks.

"It's actually getting painful to watch the amount of hate radiating from @carrieanninaba towards Kaitlyn. It's not a good look," one fan wrote.

Another added, "Last week I let @carrieanninaba comments towards KB slide, however her arguing with Artem is classless. Enough is enough! Whatever grudge your STILL holding is crystal clear. Give it up."

"What does @carrieanninaba have against@kaitlynbristowe. Kaitlyn gets 'just be sharper, darling' from Bruno and the other judge, but CarrieAnn seems to always have something negative to say about Kaitlyn," a third fan wrote.

Bristowe addressed some of Inaba's comments two weeks ago after she performed the paso doble to Rihanna's "Disturbia" and Inaba told her that she felt the star "gave up" during her performance.

Speaking to PEOPLE after the show, Bristowe, 35, said that Inaba's comments were "soul-crushing," and that she truly gave the dance her all.

Kaitlyn Bristowe and Artem Chigvintsev
| Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC via Getty Images

"I’m starting to believe that it wasn’t just me. I came off and so many people were like, 'What? I don’t remember that,' " she said, referring to the others' shock over Inaba's comments. "So people aren’t just sugarcoating it for me, because I want the feedback. I want to know if that’s what people saw. But to hear her say that, my soul was crushed because I feel like this was one of the dances where I went out there and was like, 'I’m going to hit this so hard and I’m not giving up.' "

She continued, "To hear that, I felt so defeated after. That was my all. I know I could have done better in some places but I don’t feel like I ever gave up."

On Monday night's episode, Inaba insisted that Bristowe had performed a "lift" with Chigvintsev instead of her own jump during her jive and relay performances this week. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight after the show, the professional dancer said Inaba's comments were starting to feel "personal."

"At this point, it starts being a little personal, I feel like," Chigvintsev said. "I feel it's definitely, maybe not a different standard, but I feel like it's different expectations. I don't know. I'm watching back the dance itself, it's like, 'Oh, you can kick sharper!' Well, I can say that about everybody who dances on the show today. I don't know. It's really odd."

"At this point right now we just feel like we're never going to make her happy. It feels really discouraging, in a sense, to come back next week," he added. "I was literally wanting to have earmuffs and put it on top of [Kaitlyn's] head."