Bob D'Amico/ABC; Adam Larkey/ABC
November 23, 2009 12:00 AM

Take it from a gal that has an inside track on the often topsy-turvy world of reality show ballroom dance. As far as judge Carrie Ann Inaba is concerned, Donny Osmond is an afterthought, Mya most certainly has both the moxie, and the moves, but going into the finals, Kelly Osbourne is the contestant with all of the momentum.

“Kelly’s always been my dark horse,” Inaba told People at the 2009 CNN Heroes All-Star Tribute in Los Angeles, “I love those dark horses, and I root for the underdogs, but she’s fueled with light.”

Despite the fact that she is apparently being aided by a previously unreported solar power, and a trimmed-down solar plexus, the daughter of heavy metal’s Prince of Darkness still faces an uphill battle if she plans an taking down her gal pal Mya in the finals.

“Mya is going into the finals with the highest scores, the most consistency, the most agility, and the reputation as a fabulous dancer,” Inaba says, “But, Kelly Osbourne, she has got momentum. People are dying to see what she is going to do, and they’re wondering to see of she is going to make it.”

But that anticipation can sometimes be accompanied by unrealistic expectations, which is something that may work against the 25-year-old Osbourne, and her partner Louis van Amstel. “It’s really going to be a lot of pressure on her,” Inaba says of Osbourne, “I’m actually worried about her, and whether or not she can handle the pressure. I’m hoping that she can.” — Reagan AlexanderBob D’Amico/ABC; Adam Larkey/ABC

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