"I'm not for guns because I had something happen with my father," Carrie Ann Inaba revealed on The Talk

By Natalie Stone
October 16, 2018 09:30 PM

Carrie Ann Inaba is opening up about her stance on gun control.

The Dancing with the Stars judge, 50, sat down on CBS’ The Talk Tuesday, when she admitted that she’s “not for guns” — an opinion she formed after her late father Rodney Inaba was shot when she was a child.

“I’m not for guns because I had something happen with my father. When we were young, my dad was shot in a bar because he had an altercation with a man,” Inaba explained.

“They were talking … crap, shooting the breeze … with each other and the guy got emotional, he went home, got a gun, came back and shot my father,” shared Inaba.

Thankfully, her father survived the shooting. Still, she has “reasons why I feel like that’s not the safest choice,” said Inaba, “because when emotions are involved, things can go terribly wrong.”

In March 2013, Inaba revealed in a PEOPLE exclusive blog that her dad — who she said “inspired me in so many ways” — had passed away.

“My father, Rodney Y. Inaba, passed away this past Thursday morning and it’s been a really challenging time. Losing a loved one is something that is so very hard to understand and cope with. I’m filled with a tremendous sadness but also a relief, for he is in a better place now,” she wrote.

In the post, she praised his “bravery, his courage, his huge heart and his love for the underdog.”

“He was a special man and to know him was to love him. He was a pioneer, an entrepreneur, an animal lover and he was never afraid to speak his mind. I think I got some of this from him. I’m grateful for the gifts he has bestowed upon me,” she said.

Although it’s been five years since her father died, Inaba continues to honor the man that raised her. To celebrate Father’s Day in June, she posted a loving tribute on Instagram and shared a throwback photo of the father-daughter duo.

“Happy Father’s Day to the one and only Rodney Inaba. He was such a bright light. And this year more than most, I miss his presence in this life. He taught me so much about life and gave me so much love in his unique way. He taught me not to be afraid to think and live outside the box. He taught me to treat everyone with respect and kindness. He taught me the power of being authentically myself by his own example. He was a bit wild and a lot of crazy. He was fun and smart and in many ways fearless. And somehow, after every meal, he had a piece of rice stuck on his face,” she wrote.

“No matter what he did, he made people laugh. We used to call him #HotRod. 😉😂 He considered himself a Samurai and a cowboy because his heart was free and he lived on his own terms. He was a rebel and a dreamer… and my fondest memories from my childhood are when we would wash the cars together on Sunday,” she continued.

“So, in honor of my dad, today, I will be washing my car and armoralling the tired, smiling and missing him all at once. Happy Fathers Day Dad! I love you and miss you so much! ( This photo was taken at one of his favorite spots on The Big Island of Hawaii),” said Inaba.