Carl Reiner's Daughter Says He 'Would Be Disappointed Not to Have Lived to See Trump's Eviction'

Carl Reiner was often vocal about his disapproval of the Trump administration

Carl Reiner, Donald Trump
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Carl Reiner's daughter is sharing criticisms of President Donald Trump on his behalf.

On Friday, Annie Reiner posted on her late father's Twitter account, revealing "one last thing" that she knew he would have wanted to see during his lifetime.

"As you may know, Carl passed away on Monday, June 29th at the good old age of 98. We wanted to write a final tweet for him to let you know how much he appreciated your responses and support," the author, 71, wrote.

"I will say one last thing for him. I know he would be disappointed not to have lived to see Trump's eviction from the White House, to make America safe again for honor and truth," Annie continued, adding, "Please VOTE!"

Before his passing, the television legend — who died at his home in Beverly Hills of natural causes — was often vocal about his disapproval of the Trump administration.

On the morning of his death, the late comedian tweeted about the results of the 2016 election, calling Trump a "bankrupted and corrupt businessman" and a "Russian-installed puppet president."

In October 2018, the Dick Van Dyke Show creator shared that his goal was to make it to November 2020 to "vote for whoever runs against our fake President Trump."

Days later, he filmed a video to urge people to vote in the midterm elections and to share his own personal motivation for wanting to make it to age 98.

“We can vote for elected officials who will hold this president accountable,” he said in the video. “And after we’ve done that, my personal goal will be to stick around until 2020 and vote to make sure we have a decent, moral, law-abiding citizen in Washington who will make us all proud again to live in America.”

In the video, Reiner reviewed the historic moments he witnessed throughout his more than nine decades. “I’ve seen a lot of things in my lifetime. I lived through the Great Depression. I served in World War II in our fight to defeat fascism. I’ve seen the invention of television and performed on television even before my family owned one,” he said.

“But what I’ve never seen is the American people being lied to every single day about everything,” the star continued. “Lies about climate change. Lies about protecting Medicare and Social Security. Lies about Russia attacking our elections. Lies about protecting people with preexisting conditions.”

“In my 96 and a half years, I’ve seen a lot of things,” he concluded. “But the one thing I cannot bear to see is America being destroyed by racism, fear-mongering and lies. Fortunately, there is something we can do about that..”

Reiner’s son, director Rob Reiner, tweeted in response to the video at the time. “My father is 96 and a half years old. In his long life he has never seen anything like what’s happening to our country. I love him. And I want the country he fought his whole life for."

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