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After winning MTV’s The Challenge: Vendettas earlier this year, Cara Maria Sorbello is back in action for her 12th season, Final Reckoning. As she vies for the $1 million prize alongside rival and partner Marie Roda, she’s blogging about it exclusively on PEOPLE! Follow Cara Maria on Twitter at @CaraMariaMTV.

When we last left off, the “name your friend group” alliances got larger and Shane stayed shady.

Back in the main house, Jozea and Da’Vonne are sitting ducks. Zach and Amanda are split down the middle in terms of their alliances and since neither of them wants to budge on a vote, they are going to use Jozea and Da’Vonne as their scapegoats from here on out. Meanwhile, Shane is over the moon with his hatred for Jozea. Since Shane has sway over a large number of people in the house, Jozea’s next fashion moment is looking to be a walk on the light-up runway in Armageddon.

Meanwhile, the boys tease Kyle for his slutty ways and Ashley continues to try to bury her hook up under the rug. I guess it was nothing worth revisiting.

At the club, I was on a mission to get absolutely mind-numbingly hammered. I’m not much of a drinker in real life, but while filming it’s my only way to tolerate the people around me. Now that I’m watching the scene sober, I see all the fun stuff I missed while in my happy drunk place.

Johnny pulls Jozea aside to explain that since the whole house was against both of them, they might as well stick together. This is how Johnny and I started working together in the first place except it didn’t even need to be said. Welcome to our outcast corner, Jozea. It’s nice here. At the other side of the bar, Marie is coming to terms with the fact that now that her girl Ashley is in the house, she’s even lower on the food chain of her super cool friend group. Basically, Ashley is Regina George, and Marie is the “extra” who doesn’t even get recognized when the end credits roll. THIS is why I am selective with who I call a friend. I know who I can trust (basically no one, duh). Marie tries to get everyone on her side and by doing so, actually has no one. Her own “friends” do not even trust her. She’s their easy out when the numbers drop, always has been and always will be. Her ride or die Shane would even protect Ashley and Amanda over Marie. He might be her “No. 1,” but she sure as hell isn’t his. More on that later…

Back at the Redemption House


CT softens from grizzly bear to teddy bear as he decides to try to make nice with Veronica. He puts his attack dog tail between his legs, opens his big blue eyes, bats those CoverGirl worthy eyelashes, and bites his tongue as he appeals to his partner. It looks like she is ready to make amends as well and kick off being a team again.

Meanwhile, Tori plans her revenge against me and Da’Vonne if she makes it back to the main house. I’m in the dark here as I’m actually rooting for her to get back in. She’s making it known that she’s blaming me for her being in Redemption, but ignores the fact that three teams burned votes on her… and I wasn’t one of them. I never intended for her to go into elimination. My vote was made in the heat of the moment after a grenade got thrown on me by a former fling ruining my chances at a fair challenge.

The people who are in Redemption have to take accountability and be smart. She is in Redemption because she didn’t win the daily challenge, three teams sent votes her way, and she didn’t win the elimination. None of that is my fault. Regardless, I’d rather have a pissed off revenge-crazed Tori back in the main house than any of the catty Lavenders. She can take all her anger out on me, at least its real. She’s still one of the only people I love to be around on these nightmares we live through.

Time to vote again

Marie is running around the house paranoid and says she can’t trust her own alliance. This is something I told her day one when she fought me over protecting 10 teams and not letting me save two. My partner is a damn loose cannon. My heart is just dropping from this game so I don’t even want to fight with her anymore. I’ll let my crazy partner take the wheel. Vote and do whatever you want Marie. I don’t care. Meanwhile, the burn vote system gets tricky with the other teams in deliberation. Zach and Amanda continue to butt heads. Johnny & Tony and Jozea & Da’Vonne are the only two teams who vote however they want and tell no one.

Whatever, Toto

We don’t miss (or bless) the rains down in Africa. This is probably the coldest night we’ve ever had and it looks like a water torture elimination is on the menu. I would give my left dreadlock not to go in tonight. Because of a three-way tie, Zach and Amanda get the power to choose which of those teams they want to send to elimination. They stick with their guns and put their scapegoats in. Amanda and Zach were the only ones to vote Jozea and Da’Vonne but are immune from Armageddon. Therefore, Jozea and Da’Vonne go in and get the pick of the litter. All those burn votes were for nothing. The ultimate power now lies with Jozea and Da’Vonne, who decide to call in Kam and Kayleigh because of the power move Team KK pulled to get Jozea and Da’Vonne against Angelina and Faith the last Armageddon.

Yikes, this elimination!

In Think Tank, one player climbs a wall which drops a diver down into a tank to memorize a puzzle key. The diver then has to relay the puzzle info to the climber for the climber to assemble.

Reminder: IT’S FREEZING. MIND-NUMBINGLY FREEZING. COLDEST NIGHT IN AFRICA HISTORY (I could be exaggerating, but you truly can’t imagine how cold it is).

Not only was it absolutely ice cold outside, we’ve got two teams who are notoriously not water people doing a water elimination. This elimination is torture. You are hanging upside down so all of the blood is rushing to your head, and you are delirious when you come up trying to breathe and explain how to put together a puzzle. This goes on for an HOUR. This is the most torturous elimination I have ever seen. I felt so horrible for both teams. I just wanted to run and give them a damn blanket. This is terrifying. This is my damn nightmare. I’m praying for TJ to just put a stop to this at some point. How long can a person hang upside down for before they black out? let alone being dipped in ice water?

Meanwhile, Kam is once again the voice of calm. She is the partner anyone would be lucky to have. She is coaching and encouraging Kayleigh like a pro. Kam’s home is the elimination arena. She is calm and confident under pressure. Her voice is the only thing guiding Kayleigh. Kayleigh meanwhile is a damn BOSS going into that water each time. I’m so beyond proud of her. I can’t stress enough what an insane, windy, cold, rainy night this was. Da’Vonne and Kayleigh have all my respect for what they are putting themselves through. They both have so much heart. The only thing that will get in their way is the blood rushing to their brains and the hypothermia setting in that is bringing them to a state of confusion.

Eventually, TJ calls time. Whoever has the least amount of pieces wrong will win. Kam and Kayleigh take it.

Note to Team KK: No one underestimates you. Kam is strength and confidence. Kayleigh is all heart. The two of them are a force and they are proving it time and time again this season. GO GIRLS!

Look who’s back at Redemption

Tori is still angry about votes and calls out Jozea and Da’Vonne as soon as they enter the house. It’s going down for real as they have it out in the living room. Tori ends up going to bed as it’s clear she’s not having it anymore. The next day brings the double-cross. The order of the pull is the order in which the teams entered the house. Everyone takes a turn and comes up empty, leaving the double to Jozea and Da’Vonne by default. You can’t write this stuff! Jozea and Da’Vonne got the power back.

Next week we’ll see who they choose and who ends up leaving the game for real.

Stick with me here for all the inside info. I serve it to you hot. Stay weird, my friends.

The Challenge: Final Reckoning airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on MTV.

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