Candice Bergen on Meeting Salvador Dalí, Charlie Chaplin, Judy Garland and More Icons

The Emmy-winning Murphy Brown star used to play dress-up with Judy Garland's daughter Liza Minnelli

Needless to say, Candice Bergen has had quite a few iconic celebrity run-ins during her life.

The Emmy-winning Murphy Brown star, 74, appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen Tuesday evening and played a game of "Have You Met Them?" with host Andy Cohen and fellow guest Dianne Wiest.

The first star Bergen had met was famed artist Salvador Dalí, and the actress was even able to produce a photo of her, Dalí and Andy Warhol.

"This is Andy Warhol on one side and Salvador Dalí and his waxed mustache on the other," she explained, holding up the framed picture. "He was great fun. He was the weirdest human I'd ever met until then — except for Andy, who was pretty weird."

Candice Bergen
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Next up was Charlie Chaplin, whom it turns out Bergen knew quite well.

"I became friendly with Charlie and [his fourth wife] Oona Chaplin many years ago and had them to the house when they visited Los Angeles," she told Cohen and Wiest. "I accompanied them to the Oscars when he was given his honorary Oscar and, through a friend who had brought him to America, photographed him for the cover of Life magazine."

"He was adorable," she added, shortly before launching into a story about the time she met Judy Garland through a playdate with the Wizard of Oz star's daughter, Liza Minnelli.

"I met her when I was a little kid because I went to Liza's house to play dress up, and Judy Garland had had miniature replicas made of the costumes at MGM," Bergen recalled. "So you would be in like, a 5-year-old's version of a ballgown."

Last but not least was Walt Disney. Bergen met him through her father, who himself was an actor and comedian.

"My father and Walt were good friends, and my father once took me to Walt's house in Beverly Hills," she said. "He had a very large garden with a train track that wound around it and he had a little train that was about chair height, and I sat on one of the cars and Walt and my father were shoveling coal into the engine."

In a separate segment on WWHL, a fan asked Bergen about another celebrity encounter: attending Mick Jagger's birthday celebration at the iconic New York City club, Studio 54.

"I was not a Studio 54-goer so I was in a state of overwhelm for whatever time I stayed," she said. "Studio 54 itself was just a huge wow — I think just the fact of all the writhing and the total lack of inhibition. And I didn't even see the good rooms!"

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