The actress reminisces about playing D.J. Tanner

By Erin Clements
Updated February 05, 2014 09:00 AM
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Thanks to a Super Bowl commercial, a Good Morning America reunion and a hilarious Jimmy Fallon skit, Full House nostalgia has been riding high for the past few weeks.

PEOPLE caught up with Candace Cameron Bure, who played eldest sister D.J. Tanner on the hit sitcom for eight seasons, to reminisce about the beloved series’s sartorial highlights, silly plotlines and memorable guest stars – and most importantly, to discuss where Kimmy Gibbler would be today.

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1. What’s your favorite Jesse and the Rippers song?
I don’t think it’s really their song, but they sang it – “Forever.” That’s the most known one.

2. Favorite Joey impression?

He does all the characters from The Wizard of Oz. Those were always my favorite because I love that movie.

3. Favorite “very special” episode of Full House?
Well, I have to choose one that was about D.J. I like the one when Kimmy gets drunk at the frat party. And then we have the very heart-to-heart moment at the end because D.J.’s mom got hit by a drunk driver, and that’s why it’s so upsetting to see her friend drunk.

4. Do you still know all the words to the theme song?
Of course. How can I forget them? Everyone sings them all the time. They’re embedded in my head forever.

5. Who was the funniest cast member behind-the-scenes?
Definitely Dave Coulier. He’s hysterical through and through, and he doesn’t stop. He’s very funny.

6. John Stamos recently Tweeted a picture of himself bald. Who had the best hair on the show?
For sure, John still has the best hair on the show. I think I come in second place though. I have a pretty good head of hair.

7. What was your favorite of D.J.’s outfits?
One of my favorites – it’s so classic ’90s, too – it was in this episode where D.J. puts her principal s car on the roof. She had on the white high-heeled sneakers with sheer white knee socks and a little pink plaid skirt with a pink top that had a Peter Pan collar on it.

8. And least favorite?

The outfit I cringe at most was the outfit I fought the hardest for. It was the episode where D.J. went to the school dance and Uncle Jesse thought she was drinking beer. I had on these black MC Hammer pants and a little bustier and a bolero jacket. It was all black and I thought it was so cool and so grown-up. The producers did not want me wearing that. They had this pretty little dress for me to wear and I just did’t want to wear it, so I fought for that outfit and now I look back and realize why they didn’t want me to wear it.

9. Favorite Full House catchphrase?

I think my favorite is “have mercy.”

10. What was the most annoying thing Stephanie did to D.J.?
When Stephanie wanted to dress like D.J. As an older sister, it’s always annoying when your little sister wants to look just like you and wear everything. So, there was that one episode where she was dressing exactly like her and then they ended up putting a hole in Danny’s wall.

11. Favorite guest star?
We had so many great guest stars, but I think the Beach Boys were pretty awesome, and it was really fun to have Little Richard on our show.

12. What’s the funniest encounter you’ve had with a Full House fan?

I had asthma when I was younger and I was taking a puff of the inhaler, when this girl was coming over to meet me and she got so excited. She was like, “You have asthma? I have asthma too!” And she was so excited that we were relating over asthma. It was really adorable and weird at the same time – being a 15-year-old and you’re like yeah, asthma’s not that cool.

13. What’s the last Full House rerun you saw?
Honestly, it’s been a while, but I think it was that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar episode.

14. What was the most WTF episode?
It was probably one of the last episodes, where Michelle got amnesia because she fell off the horse. I think that one was pretty silly.

15. Where do you think D.J. would be today?
I think that D.J. would probably be happily married – maybe to Steve – with kids of her own, and she would have her perfect little family.

16. Where would Kimmy Gibbler be?
I think Kimmy would be the editor of some high-end fashion magazine. I think Kimmy just does a whole 180 and finally finds herself in college and is incredibly cool and a total hipster.

17. Who were you closest to on set?
I’m close to everyone in different ways, but maybe Bob Saget.

18. Who of the cast do you talk to most now?
Andrea Barber, although all of us talk. We’re all so close, it s crazy. But I talk to Andrea very regularly.

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