Candace Cameron Bure Opens Up About Life with an 'Empty Nest': 'It Went So Fast'

The actress and her husband Valeri have three teenage children: daughter Natasha and sons Lev and Maksim

Candace Cameron Bure is in unchartered territory as a mother.

The Fuller House star opened upTuesday about life now that her children— daughter Natasha, 21, and sons Lev, 19, and Maksim, 18 — no longer live at home.

“My son turned 18 yesterday. My baby,” Cameron Bure, 43, said on Good Morning America. “And it’s crazy, I don’t have any kids at home anymore. It went so fast. Everyone says that, but when you’re in the position you realize how fast it goes.”

However, her husband, retired ice hockey player Valeri Bure, feels much differently about having the house to themselves.

“He was like, ‘I finally have time to do everything I wanna do,’ ” she said.

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The actress also joked with the GMA hosts about a recent video she shared on Instagram showing her reading a children’s book to her dog, Boris.

“I’m reading to Boris now because he is the only one I have left at home,” she said. “He is my big, 130-lb. Rottweiler. He is ginormous. His head is twice the size of mine.”

ameron Bure’s daughter Natasha is following in her famous mom’s footsteps as an aspiring actress.

“She’s doing a great job,” Bure said. “Acting, she’s pursuing acting. I am a very proud mom. Proud of my kids. Sometimes I look at my children like, ‘How did I birth them? How did that happen?'”

As for the advice she gave to Natasha? “I tell her to stay true to yourself, don’t sign anything without asking your mother first, and don’t let anyone take advantage of you,” she said.

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In a 2018 interview with PEOPLE, Cameron Bure revealed the secret of her long marriage, saying she and her husband made sure to take time to themselves.

“I just came back from Switzerland two days ago with my husband,” she told PEOPLE at the time. “We had a little five-day vacation, so that was wonderful. We do like to travel and get away from everything here at home in L.A., and from our kids, as much as we love them. We want alone time, you know what I mean? And our kids are older too.”

The couple is very supportive of their kids and of each other. And ultimately, what holds her marriage and family together is their faith in Jesus Christ.

“The reality is the glue for us is Jesus,” she explained. “It’s the Bible. You know, when there are arguments or we’re compromising and in ways, it’s always like, ‘Well, let’s just go back to the Bible.’ It’s the foundation for us. So it’s not about winning or losing. But doing this journey together.”

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