The former Real Housewife tells Dr. Oz about a "traumatizing" fight with her former boyfriend

By Kathy Ehrich Dowd
Updated November 14, 2013 12:20 PM
Credit: Sony Pictures Television

Following a very rough couple of weeks, Camille Grammer says she’s doing well – even without the support of her allegedly abusive boyfriend.

“I’m feeling great,” the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star tells Dr. Mehmet Oz on The Dr. Oz Show Thursday, just four weeks after undergoing a radical hysterectomy for early stage endometrial cancer.

“Once in a while I’ll get a little pain here and there, but I’m walking around,” she adds. “I was able to go trick-or-treating with my kids and my life is moving forward and I’m feeling very well.”

Grammer, 45, made headlines late last month when she filed a restraining order against boyfriend Dimitri Charalambopoulos, 36, claiming he repeatedly slammed her head against furniture just five days after her surgery.

In her court filing, Grammer claimed Charalambopoulos got physical after they got into an argument over late-night text messages he received from another woman.

As the fight escalated, “He grabbed me by the hair, twisted it around his hand, and repeatedly pulled my head into the bed and its headboard,” Grammer said in the filing, and also asserted that he pinned her down and kneeled on her stomach “mere inches” from where she’d had surgery days earlier.

Grammer, who divorced TV star Kelsey Grammer in 2010, addressed the alleged abuse to Dr. Oz, calling it “very traumatizing.”

“Oh, it was just terrible ’cause, you know, right after any kind of procedure you want to be surrounded by love and you need good healing vibes and positive energy around you,” she says. “Somebody’s there to take care of you and love you and – and I was physically abused and assaulted by this person and it was very traumatizing. But now, I’m working with a therapist and I’m going to be okay. I’m doing well.”

Today, she says she has exactly two reasons to stay strong: daughter Mason, 12, and son Jude, 9.

“My ex-husband hasn’t seen the kids since July, so I’m Mom,” she says. “I’m there. So I really needed to be here for them. My son doesn’t really understand it that well, but my daughter said, ‘Mom, I’m so glad you’re getting surgery ’cause then the cancer’s gonna be all gone.’ ”