After getting into multiple heated discussions with her castmates, Camille Grammer stormed off the RHOBH reunion

Camille Grammer was once again on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion hot seat — and she quickly hopped off of it.

During part two of of the RHOBH season 9 reunion on Tuesday evening, Grammer stormed off the set after she alleged that she was being set up after she was at the center of multiple heated conversations with costars Kyle Richards, Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave, Dorit Kemsley, Denise Richards, Lisa Rinna and Erika Girardi.

Although Lisa Vanderpump wasn’t present at the reunion, she certainly was the topic of conversation, specifically in regards to her friendship with Grammer.

“You girls want me to jump on that hate train!” Grammer, 50, stated in reference to Vanderpump, which was met from denials by the women.

“You do a good job on your own jumping on your own hate train,” said Kemsley.

Shooting back, Grammer said, “Dorit, you’re the most phoniest person I’ve ever met. You’re such a fake” and added, “You are such a fake, don’t even go there.”

At that, Girardi attempted to stand up for Kemsley, but Grammer continued with the criticism.

“I have a thing about her. I really do, Erika. I just have a thing about her. I don’t like when people pretend they’re somebody they’re not. It really drives me crazy. I’ve been around this town for so long and you show up and, I don’t know, it’s something about you, Dorit,” said Grammer. “I just don’t feel that you’re sincere at times.”

Camille Grammar, Denise Richards
Camille Grammer and Denise Richards
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Maintaining her composure, Kemsley calmly replied.

“You are perfectly entitled to your opinion. The only thing I ask is that you actually are honest about it. And don’t pretend that you like me,” said Kemsley. “And that you want to be friends and invite me to such big moments, like your wedding and your 50th birthday.”

That’s when Grammer not only insulted Kemsley, but the rest of her RHOBH castmates — including Kyle, 50, who was asked to be a bridesmaid at her Hawaiian wedding in October.

“Well, that was production,” Grammer told Kemsley. “But that is the truth, because I didn’t want to invite any ladies to my wedding.”

In shock, Kyle replied, “Oh wow.”

Despite her claim that she invited the cast to her wedding for production’s sake, host Andy Cohen stepped in and told her, “You have power over yourself. You have power over yourself, I mean, you do.”

The argument then moved to the moment when Grammer brought up Kemsley’s husband’s past bankruptcy at a dinner, with Grammer claiming she “walked into that dinner not knowing I was being ambushed.”

Camille Grammer and Paul Kemsley and Dorit Kemsley
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“After my assistant passed away, and after you ladies trashed me in the van, that’s nasty!” said Grammer, noting the cast speaking about her in a van when they were leaving her wedding. “You don’t come to my wedding and then treat me so disrespectful afterwards! That was nasty. Why can’t I say a nice thing about Lisa Vanderpump without you, the witches of Eastwick, coming after me?”

Attempting to explain why the women were upset after her wedding, Kyle said to Grammer about Vanderpump, “You’ll say, ‘She never calls me, we never hang out. She never checks on me.’ Meanwhile, we’ve left our children and our families to be [at your wedding] and support you. Whether you actually wanted us there or not, I didn’t realize. I mean, I thought that when you asked me to be a bridesmaid that — maybe I was stupid, I thought it was genuine.”

Following Kyle’s explanation, Cohen asked Grammer if she understood the ladies’ perspective.

“I understand that! That I can understand. That, right there, in that context,” said Grammer, who previously admitted that “Lisa has been a fair-weather friend, absolutely.”

But it was then that another argument erupted.

While Grammer was stating her case, Denise, 48, calmly asked, “Why are you so angry?”

“Oh my God, Denise!” Grammer said with the wave of a hand.

Denise continued: “Honest to God, like, take it down a notch.”

“Denise, shut up,” said Grammer.

Rinna proceeded to step in, telling Grammer to not tell Denise to shut up, but Grammer wasn’t having it.

“I know she’s your friend, but I don’t like her. I don’t like her!” Grammer admitted before she alleged that Denise “told me to tell my daughter she was a f—— liar.”

Denying Grammer’s claim, Denise replied, “I did not tell you to tell your daughter. What are you talking about?”

A flashback clip then played of the moment Grammer confronted Mellencamp Arroyave about her allegedly ignoring her daughter, and Denise interjecting and confronting Grammer.

“I said if my child said that Teddi ignored her, whether she did or not, I know Teddi and I know she’s a great mom,” Denise explained.

“And your response to Denise was, ‘It’s not my fault that I’m not a bad mother like you,’ ” Mellencamp Arroyave said to Grammer.

Firing back, Grammer said, “I didn’t say that!”

Denise, who is mother to daughters Eloise Joni, 8, Lola Rose, 14, and Sam, 15, said, “You actually insulted my parenting, Camille.”

“I said, ‘I do not curse at my kids,’ because you were telling me, well, a while back you said, ‘I curse at my daughters,'” said Grammer. “It was no big deal.”

As Denise denied that she cursed at her daughters, Grammer said that the conversation came up “in the Bahamas, you were drunk,” as unseen footage played of the moment Denise said, “I scream my Goddamn head off at times” at her kids and admitted she didn’t feel bad afterwards.

“Camille, what is wrong with you?” asked Denise. “Honest to God, you need to go take a second because this is not good.”

At that, the cast fell silent before Cohen posed the next question to Denise.

“When you were sitting there at lunch with Camille and she was trash-talking everyone, what was going through your mind?” Cohen asked Denise.

But before she could give a complete answer, Grammer spoke up — and swiftly left.

“So this is truly a setup,” she said.

Standing up, Grammer continued, “This is truly a setup.”

Walking off stage and not looking back at Cohen or the cast, Grammer said, “I’m done. I’m done.”

Walking past members of production and unzipping her dress in an attempt to take off her microphone, Grammer said, “Bulls—. They did say those things. She did say she cursed at her kids. F——, she did say that. I’m not going through that. Bulls—. F— them.”

Walking into her dressing room and taking off her microphone, Grammer added, “I’m leaving. Bulls—. Nasty bitches.”

Looking at her costars in shock, Denise asked, “Is she on something? She’s so angry.”

When Cohen questioned, “What’s the setup?” Denise responded, “She’s f—— nuts.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion airs on Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.