The Beverly Hills reunion ends with an apology but not before some serious drama

By Aaron Parsley
February 02, 2011 11:00 AM
Isabella Vosmikova/Bravo (2)

The inaugural season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills wrapped Tuesday night on a surprisingly calm note:

“[It has been] very difficult. I have a lot of regrets,” Camille Grammer said when asked by host Andy Cohen about her “bumpy ride” on the show. “And, Kyle, I’m so sorry. I feel really awful. I’ve had a really tough year and it’s no excuse.”

Kyle Richards, who sparred endlessly with Camille this season, also admitted having regrets, telling Andy, “I regret what’s happened between me and Camille. I regret not handling any issues I have with my sister or anger I have towards her better.” (There was, however, no apology from Kyle.)

That moment, of course, came at the end of an extended hour of Real Housewives drama, accusations and insults. Here’s what else went down:

Kim and Kyle: After re-watching clips of their season-long scrapping including the difficult and dramatic footage of their blowout limousine fight on the finale, the sisters (unsuccessfully) held back tears and dodged questions about their emotional fissure – and Kim’s alleged alcoholism.

“We’re at the point where we’re trying to build our relationship from the biggest fight we’ve ever had,” Kim said. “I love my sister … We didn’t talk for a long time and we’re finally talking again … In a heated moment things are said and done that you just want to take back and you can’t. That’s why I’m not going to go there.”

When asked about their deep-rooted issues and her anger toward her sister on the night of Taylor’s party, Kyle said, “It’s private stuff. ”

She had a similar response when asked pointblank by Andy about her accusation of alcoholism. “I don’t want to talk about that,” Kyle said.

Kim, however, did give an answer when asked if she had a drinking problem: “No.”

Lisa and Cedric: Light was shed on the sudden and surprising falling out between Lisa Vanderpump and her (formerly) permanent houseguest and friend Cedric.

Lisa recounted the day he left, saying Cedric finally (after a almost two years) packed his bags – well, her husband Ken’s bags – and stormed out of their home. Within 24 hours, she said, he had contacted Lisa and Ken, demanded to meet them and asked for something that “we weren’t prepared to give him.” That conversation, she said, resulted in her filing a police report.

“I felt protective of him because he didn’t have anywhere to go,” Lisa said. “I was shocked the way things turned out.”

Ken’s take: “I’ve never met a more despicable person in my life … Hate him, hate him, hate him.”

Taylor and Russell: Finally some good news! Taylor Armstrong said she and her husband Russell were working on their marriage and doing better after what had become a sad and lonely situation for Oklahoma native.

“There’s definitely love there,” she said of her relationship. “Children and work become the priorities and you forget to pay attention to the foundation of your marriage and I think that we let that happen for too much time … Things had to change or they had to end and we definitely agreed that we want to keep our family together.”

Adrienne and Paul: Perhaps searching for some scrap of drama to discuss with the squeaky clean Housewife who seems to be friends with everyone, Andy asked Adrienne Maloof and her husband, Dr. Paul Nassif, about their bickering. “We like bickering,” Nassif said as his wife smiled. “That’s how we get along.”