Cameran Eubanks: From 'Real World' Wild Child to 'Southern Charm' Mom-to-Be

"I'm looking forward to being less selfish and focusing on something that is not myself. It's going to be a huge life-change, for sure," Cameran Eubanks tells PEOPLE

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Photo: CAmeran Eubanks/Instagram

Cameran Eubanks spent years worrying any kids she had would follow in her wild-child footsteps.

The Southern Charm star — who found fame on The Real World: San Diego in 2004 and married anesthesiologist Jason Wimblerly, 42, in 2014 — admits she feared history would repeat itself when she was deciding whether she should start trying to get pregnant.

“I was such a bad child,” she tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue. “I’m hoping she doesn’t turn out like me. I gave my mom hell — talked back, snuck out of the house. I was really bad. It’s part of the reason why I delayed having children!”

She adds, “I was so fearful of everything pregnancy related — physically being pregnant, emotionally, mentally. I thought I was going to be a mess.”

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But now the 33-year-old is more than halfway to her November due date and has been surprised to realize impending motherhood is actually helping her let go of some of her anxiety about raising her daughter.

“I’m totally fine. I am calm, I’m relaxed, I’m not anxious,” she shares. And for that, she’s giving credit where credit’s due: “I think my daughter is the one making me calm down.”

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And while she’s spent plenty of time on camera in the last 13 years, Eubanks is still “figuring out” alongside Wimberly (who does not appear on the show) whether her daughter’s life will be documented on screen.

Cameras and reality TV drama aside, Eubanks says she’s excited to shift her priorities once she’s a mom.

“I’m looking forward to being less selfish and focusing on something that is not myself,” she says. “It’s going to be a huge life-change, for sure.”

Southern Charm returns with a two-part reunion on July 10 and 17 at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

  • Reporting by TOM CUNNEFF
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