Buddy Valastro's hit series returns Sept. 8 on TLC

By Emily Strohm
August 11, 2015 01:55 PM

Buddy Valastro is doing a whole lot of baking and renovating in the brand new season of Cake Boss.

With just three days until the grand re-opening of Buddy’s bakery, the family scrambles to get the remodel complete before the big day.

“At this point, me and my guys, we’re going to help do anything we can do to make this process go faster,” Valastro says in an exclusive sneak peek at the new season.

“It’s hard to go in there and break and rip it up,” he says. “God knows it needs it. But there’s just something about that place that is nostalgic.”

While the crew work around the clock to get the job done quickly, they find a special surprise during the demolition: “We saw this really cool message buried in the walls from my Uncle Mario, who built the bakery with my dad,” says Valastro, 38. “It was basically saying good luck to my mother and dad.”

And the Cake Boss credits his dad for a big part of the bakery’s continued success.

“I feel like those little things are signs from my dad saying that he’s there and he’s always there,” he says. “It was here all those years, and it’s been good luck. Maybe that’s the luck that has kept us where we are today.”

Cake Boss returns Sept. 8 at 8 p.m. ET on TLC.