Caitlyn Jenner Excited for Her 'Freedom' – and Coffee Runs

"It will take time for the emotional transition from Bruce to Caitlyn too," a production source on KUWTK tells PEOPLE


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From the outside, it appears as if Caitlyn Jenner‘s transition from male to female is complete.

Her cover shoot with Vanity Fair was met with instant, vocal support from fans and family alike when it was released on Monday, but a physical transition is not necessarily the final step in the process. “Every transgender person’s experience with medical transition is different,” Nick Adams, director of programs and transgender media at GLAAD, tells PEOPLE. “It’s really complicated and it’s also very individual for every individual person.”

Jenner, 65, still has a long way to go – though she is enjoying the process as it unfolds.

“Just like the physical transition has taken months, it will take time for the emotional transition from Bruce to Caitlyn too,” a production source on Keeping Up with the Kardashians tells PEOPLE. “She has a therapist who has helped her with the emotional part. [Jenner] has expressed surprise about many feelings while going through the physical process.”

Adds the insider, “There were definitely moments of doubt and fear. This was supposed to be a lifelong dream come true, but things are more complex. Caitlyn will take things day by day. It was one thing to go out in public as Caitlyn when no one knew – it’s much more intimidating to know that all eyes are on you.”

Indeed, for the first time ever, Jenner has joined social media. Four hours after her first Tweet, she had more than 1 million followers on Twitter, breaking a record previously held by President Barack Obama. She is also the focus of an eight-part docuseries called I Am Cait, premiering July 26 on E!, which is wholly focused on Jenner post-transition.

Everybody is waiting for her next move.

Transition is a very public process, Adams tells PEOPLE, even without the fame that Jenner has experienced since she was just 26 years old after winning the gold medal in the men’s decathlon at the 1976 Summer Olympics. Transgender people “have to be prepared to experience rejection, and it’s a tremendous act of courage to get to the place where you can share your authentic self with the world and undergo that public transformation.”

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That said, Jenner is enjoying the liberties associated with her transition as they come. “The freedom to wear female clothes, to go for a coffee again and not have to hide,” the KUWTK production source tells PEOPLE. “Just simple things that most people never think twice about.”

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