Caitlyn Jenner's Conservative Politics Spark Argument on 'I Am Cait'

"These girls think that now that I've transitioned that everything has to change," Caitlyn Jenner says in the clip


Caitlyn Jenner hasn’t changed her political views since transitioning, and it’s creating tension among her friends on I Am Cait.

In a sneak peek at Sunday’s season 2 premiere, Jenner, 66, is on a cross-country road trip with her friends when she gets into a heated argument with pal Jenny Boylan.

“I don’t know anything about what they said down there, but I’m not blaming it on Republicans and the Conservatives,” the former Olympian says.

“Well, I think you need to take a look at that,” Boylan replies, to which Jenner brushes the comment off: “Oh, please.”

“No! No, you please!” Boylan says angrily, while the rest of the women shift around uncomfortably.

“You please!” she repeats, smacking a newspaper down on the table in front of Jenner.

“You need to look at it,” Boyland continues.

Jenner refuses: “No, I’m not going to identify that. We’re not going there.”

“We are going there, that’s why were on this trip,” Boylan replies.

In an on-camera interview, Jenner explains that “these girls think that now that I’ve transitioned that everything has to change.”

“[They think:] ‘You can’t be conservative anymore. You have to be a liberal.’ No, I don’t believe that,” Jenner says. “I think I can keep all of my views the same cause I feel in my heart that’s the best way to go.”

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That’s not the first time Jenner and Boylan appear to go head-to-head on the docuseries this season: In the previously released season 2 trailer, Boylan questions Jenner about her stance on same-sex marriage, seemingly referencing the star’s appearance last year on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in which she said she was initially against it.

“I was a little hurt about your lukewarm support for same-sex marriage,” Boylan says, to which Jenner responds she “didn’t explain it as well as I should have, but I had like 30 seconds to think about it.”

“I hope you will recognize you’re a leader,” Boylan adds.

I Am Cait season 2 premieres Sunday (9 p.m. ET) on E!

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