Caitlyn Jenner Reunites with Annie Leibovitz for First Time Since Her Landmark 'Vanity Fair' Cover Shoot

"That was such an amazing moment," Annie Leibovitz says of photographing Jenner

Photo: Jonathan Leibson/Getty

Caitlyn Jenner and Annie Leibovitz met up on Tuesday for the first time since making history together last summer with the transgender star’s introductory Vanity Fair cover story.

The women both attended the Makers Conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, – Jenner for a Q&A and Leibovitz to receive The Changemaker Award – and posed for a friendly picture together before the famed photographer reminisced about their collaboration.

“I did not know that Caitlyn was going to be here tonight,” Leibovitz said. “We haven’t seen each other since we photographed together. That was such an amazing moment.”

“We really weren’t thinking that we were doing a magazine cover,” she continued It was really an emergence, it was really Caitlyn’s birth.”

A few months prior to her June debut as a woman, Jenner revealed her plans to transition from male to female.

The Vanity Fair issue, which featured photos by Leibovitz and an interview with Buzz Bissinger, marked the first time the former Olympian revealed her new name.

“It was such an amazing responsibility and it went over a couple of days,” Leibovitz said. “The first day, Caitlyn was kind of quiet and contemplative and, I wouldn’t say meek exactly. The next day it was like I was being dragged behind a car. She was totally empowered. It was amazing to see this transformation and how she was so ready for it.”

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The 66-year-old, who has photographed everyone from Jennifer Lawrence to President Barack Obama, said working with Jenner was “an amazing thing to see unfold.”

“When we worked with Caitlyn, it was really about Caitlyn finding her way and what made her feel comfortable,” she said. “Although I did tell her, she came out of the dressing room once – I think the hair and makeup they had a glass of wine, Caitlyn keeps a little wine around – they came out and we were toward the end of the shoot and they had a wild time back there and Caitlyn came out with her hair all the way up to there [lifts her arm to the ceiling], and I said, ‘No, no, no. Not going to happen!’ “

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