VIDEO: Caitlyn Jenner Opens Up to Ellen DeGeneres About Dating: I Would 'Like to Find a Partner in Life'

Caitlyn Jenner told Ellen DeGeneres in the pre-taped season 13 Ellen premiere that some of her conservative views have changed in regard to marriage equality

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For her first television talk show appearance since transitioning, Caitlyn Jenner gets candid about how her new life has impacted her conservative views – and when she’ll be ready to jump back into the dating pool.

In a pre-taped interview airing on Tuesday’s premiere episode of Ellen, host Ellen DeGeneres asks the former Olympian and parent of 10 about what’s going on in the romance department.

“Everyone keeps talking to you about dating and you’re saying you haven’t even thought about it,” DeGeneres says. “Are you going to date men, women what are you doing?”

“This is, and we deal with it in our show, a tremendous issue in the trans community,” Jenner replies. “It’s a very big issue. So many today transition at a very young age and the whole dating thing comes in. Everybody wants to have a partner everybody would love to have a family and for trans people sometimes that can be extraordinarily difficult to do. And so it is an issue that’s big in the community.”

Jenner insists that she’s at a “different place” in life, joking that she already has “too many children.”

“I’ve kind of passed that stage in my life, but yes would I like to find a partner in life to share my life with. Yeah,” she says. “I’m sure I will at some point. Right now I’m just very busy doing a lot of things and kind of just getting used to where I’m at and who I’m at. As time goes on I’ll deal with that subject.”

When DeGeneres asks if this eventual life partner will be pal Candis Cayne, Jenner quickly brushes aside the question.

“Actually, Candis is backstage, but that’s a whole other deal,” she says.

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DeGeneres also asks the 65-year-old about her widely publicized conservative political views.

“I know you’re very conservative and you have been very conservative,” she says, asking Jenner her opinions on same-sex marriage.

“I have to admit that I remember 15 years ago, 20 years ago whenever it was the whole gay marriage issue came up at first, I was not for it,” she tells DeGeneres, who’s been with wife Portia de Rossi for seven years. “I thought am a traditionalist. I’m older than most people in the audience. I like tradition and it’s always been between a man and a woman and I’m thinking I don’t quite get it. But as time goes on like a lot of people on this issue I’ve really changed thinking here to I don’t ever want to stand in front of anybodys happiness.”

The I Am Cait star adds “if that word marriage is really, really that important to you, I can go with it.”

DeGeneres won’t let her off easy, however. “It’s funny cause you’re still kind of a little not on board with it,” she challenges.

Jenner sets the record straight, firming stating, “I’m on board.”

“It’s going to be pretty much the law of the land. So I still feel like yea, I’m okay with it,” she says.

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