The 18-year-old was by Caitlyn's side at Glamour's Women of the Year awards Monday

By Lindsay Kimble
Updated November 10, 2015 10:15 AM
Credit: Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for Glamour

Caitlyn Jenner may be Glamour magazine’s “Trans Champion,” but to daughter Kylie Jenner, she’s still just her parent.

In a video clip that preceded Caitlyn’s acceptance speech at the magazine’s 25th annual Women of the Year awards, Kylie opened up about how the star’s transition hasn’t changed their close relationship.

“I was a little scared because I didn’t know how much would change,” Kylie, 18, admitted. “And it honestly feels like, besides appearance, nothing has changed.”

Caitlyn, 66, was recognized for her advocacy work in the LGBT community. The Olympian announced her transition in an April interview with Diane Sawyer before introducing herself as Caitlyn on Vanity Fair‘s June cover.

“She’s lived an amazing life, and she’s always done amazing things,” Kylie continued in the clip. “She’s such a good role model for so many people, and I know she wants to do so much good with what she’s doing.”

Caitlyn, who was accompanied by her youngest child to the event at New York’s Carnegie Hall, told the star-studded audience about how her family’s support has helped her through the massive life changes.

“I am so blessed I have family. And not one of them has abandoned me; they’ve all been support of me. It’s incredible,” Caitlyn said in the video before taking the stage.

“For years and years, I never felt like I fit in anywhere. I always felt as an outsider; I never felt good in the male side, and I wasn’t obviously in the female side,” she added during her speech. “I was kind of stuck in the middle. But all of a sudden, after making these decisions and coming out, it was by far the best thing that I ever did.”

Reporting by JEFF NELSON