April 07, 2017 04:35 PM

Two years after announcing her transition from male to female on 20/20, Caitlyn Jenner will be sitting down with Diane Sawyer for a second interview.

ABC News announced on Friday that Jenner, 67, will speak with Sawyer, 71, in a televised one-hour interview on April 21 to discuss life after the announcement, including controversy, regrets, love and family.

“Do you ever have doubt that you did the right thing?” Sawyer asks in a teaser of the interview.

“Have I made mistakes? Certainly,” Jenner admits in a clip from the interview

In 2015, the former Olympian, formerly known as Bruce Jenner, revealed in a 20/20 interview with Sawyer that she identifies as a woman and would be transitioning.

“I would say I’ve always been very confused with my gender identity since I was this big,” Jenner told Sawyer in the first interview. “I tried to explain it, because I’ve had all my kids sitting in that chair and I’ve tried to explain it this way. God’s looking down, making little Bruce he says ‘Okay, what are gonna do with this one. Make him a smart kid, very determined … and then when he’s just finishing he says, ‘Let’s wait a second.’

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“God looks down and chuckles a little bit and says, ‘Hey, let’s give him the soul of a female,’ ” said Jenner.

The 2015 interview was the last one Jenner would do as “Bruce,” said Sawyer, who added at the time that Jenner refers to his true identity as “her.”

Caitlyn Jenner: The Secrets of My Life will air Friday, April 21 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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