Caitlyn, 66, has long had a passion for race car driving

By Aurelie Corinthios
Updated April 22, 2016 09:20 AM
Credit: Source Instagram

It’s no secret Caitlyn Jenner love a good race car driving session.

On Thursday, the I Am Cait star spent the day at a Las Vegas racetrack with her oldest son Burt Jenner.

Both took to social media to document the fun day, with Caitlyn, 66, sharing a picture of herself leaning against one of the cars in head-to-toe race car gear.

“It’s a fun day!! Out celebrating by driving with @bjenner,” she captioned the shot. “Take a look at these fun toys ? #vroom #needforspeed #racedays.”

Burt, 37, posted his own shots of the two wearing matching gear and posing alongside the cars.

“We had a blast today out in Las Vegas!” he captioned the collage. “Thanks for the fun @exoticsracing @exrseries #MyDadLooksBeautiful.”

Burt, who is Caitlyn’s first child with her first ex-wife Chrystie Scott, has passionately defended Caitlyn throughout her transition and has said he knew about it for more than two decades.

“Before I was allowed to tell anybody, or before my dad even knew that I knew, I went and marched on behalf of Prop 8 through the streets of Los Angeles,” the professional race car driver told Esquire in October. “I’ve always tried to be an outspoken supporter of the LGBT community.”

Burt and Caitlyn often bond over their love of cars: They previously raced Lamborghinis together and even competed in the Baja 1000 in November 2014, in which they flipped their truck twice and then crashed a third time before finally pulling out of the race.

Burt maintained that cars have always been important to his father, and “that will never go away, even after the transition.”