Caitlyn Jenner Finds Missing Dog Bertha Who Was Feared Dead After Winds Ripped Roof Off Home

Caitlyn Jenner's dog Bertha went missing Wednesday night after a portion of her roof was torn off due to gusty winds

Photo: Caitlyn Jenner/Instagram

Paws-itively wonderful news!

Caitlyn Jenner was reunited with her beloved dog, Bertha, on Thursday after the canine went missing and was feared to have died, a rep for Jenner confirms to PEOPLE.

“It was awful. We all thought Bertha was buried under that wreckage,” Jenner’s rep tells PEOPLE. “Nowhere to be found last night nor this morning.”

On Wednesday evening, Jenner, 68, returned from dinner to find part of the roof on her Malibu home torn off and scattered throughout her property — including a portion in the swimming pool, Deadline first reported — as a result of the powerful Santa Ana winds that have contributed to the disastrous Southern California wildfires.

When the I Am Cait star entered her house, Bertha was nowhere to be found. After searching high and low for the yellow Labrador, Jenner left the damaged property and stayed with family overnight.

Jenner returned Thursday morning and called one of her sons to help move the fallen roof, which they feared was on top of Bertha. Because of the weight of the roof, Jenner called a crew to help move the wreckage.

Upon arrival, one of the crew members mentioned that they had seen a dog on their way up to the home. In hopes that it was Bertha, the reality star quickly descended down the hill, where she was reunited with the dog.

“Then poof, down the hill is this filthy-covered Bertha,” Jenner’s rep adds.

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In June, Bertha made her social media debut when Jenner introduced the adorable puppy to her Instagram followers.

“A new member of my family- Bertha, two months old,” Jenner captioned a sweet shot of herself holding little Bertha.

Since then, the former Olympian frequently shares snapshots of the duo’s adventures together, including morning walks, pool time and trips to the golf course.

“I love Bertha and she loves me. And we both love our morning walks,” Jenner captioned a snap of Bertha licking her face.

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