The 65-year-old former Olympian will now legally be know as Caitlyn Marie Jenner

By Maria Mercedes Lara
Updated October 05, 2016 06:19 PM
Credit: James White/E! Entertainment

Caitlyn Jenner‘s name change just became Starbucks-official.

Jenner, 65, celebrated a huge milestone in her transition by sharing a shot of her “Caitlyn” coffee cup and a beautiful bouquet of peach-colored roses.

“Happy Saturday! What are your plans on this beautiful day?” the former Olympian wrote, showing her cup with a cheerful smiley face drawn on it.

On Friday, a judge approved Jenner’s request to be legally declared a woman. She had filed for a name and gender change in the Los Angeles Superior Court on Sept. 15.

According to court documents, Jenner formally requested to be called “Caitlyn Marie Jenner” instead of “William Bruce Jenner” in the name and gender petition.

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In addition to her name and gender change, Jenner has been getting on with her normal routine over the past week. Last Saturday, pro golfer Danielle Kang shared a funny video of herself golfing with Jenner, who has long been active in the sport.

In the clip, Kang and Jenner, 65, take turns whacking a ball, with Kang being declared the winner.

“Oh that really ticks me off,” Jenner can be heard saying after Kang celebrates her win.