Jenner claims she didn't have control of her finances when married to Kris
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Caitlyn Jenner sat down for an interview Wednesday in New York City with Andy Cohen and gave more details about several aspects of her new book, The Secrets of My Life, including how she saw herself as “a punching bag,” her current relationships with the Kardashians, including ex-wife Kris Jenner,” and her lack of control over her own finances while the couple was still together.

1. Jenner claims she didn’t have control of her finances while filming KUWTK.

Jenner, 67, told Cohen she didn’t have much of a say in her personal finances when she was married to Kris.

“[Kris] was in charge of everything,” Jenner said. “And that bothers you after a long, long period of time. Obviously, I was doing very well financially, personally, through the show and other things I was doing.”

Despite being wealthy and living comfortably, Jenner adds that she never saw the money that she made from her time on the E! reality series.

“It kind of all went into the house,” she said. “Once we went through the divorce, I obviously had a paycheck that I kept.”

Jenner told PEOPLE in an interview that their split was mutual, adding that Kris helped her find her current house in Malibu.

“She literally decorated the house in one day,” Jenner said. “She wanted me to be comfortable. So it was mutual. Our divorce, our entire agreement, we did it in one day. Literally. And there was no arguing, nothing.”

2. She saw herself as a “punching bag.”

The Olympic gold medalist felt she was the one who took a lot of the hits in the family.

“I was [a punching bag],” she said. “I was always with very strong women, and obviously, Kris is the strongest I was with.”

Caitlyn Jenner Andy CohenCredit: SiriusXM Radio
Credit: SiriusXM Radio

When Cohen asked if she ever played into that role, Caitlyn said, “No, I didn’t. It used to bother me because a lot of people would do stuff online, saying, ‘Why don’t you stand up to her?'”

“Did you ever?” Cohen asked.

“Well…,” Jenner teased as the audience laughed lightly. “No, of course I did.”

3. Caitlyn says she “felt sorry” for Kendall after the Pepsi commercial aired.

“I saw it… and I thought, ‘That is so cool.’ It was cute,” Jenner said. “I didn’t see all the other things that I guess, obviously, some other people saw.”

“She’s a model,” Jenner continued. “I felt sorry for Kendall.”

Jenner also reveals that she did not give Kendall or Kylie advanced copies of her book, opting to give them copies once it came out.

“Before I left, I threw it on Kylie’s bed, and Kendall, I got it to her the day before I left for this [interview],” she said.

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4. Caitlyn believed O.J. Simpson was guilty of murder.

“I know he did it,” she said. “It was three people at the crime scene… pick a murderer. How hard is that?”

When it came to Robert Kardashian defending Simpson, Jenner said she “felt sorry” for him, saying “he was destroyed by everybody.”

“Robert just said to me, ‘I would have been OK if they got him in the first trial.’ That’s the only thing he ever said,” Jenner recalled.

“Robert, in the first trial, he was now the guy that helped [Simpson] get away with murder and he was destroyed by everybody,” she added. “I felt terribly sorry for him.”

5. She said she pushed Robert Kardashian to finalize his divorce to Kris.

Before marrying Kris, Caitlyn had one thing to take care of, and it was the former’s divorce from Robert, which still hadn’t been finalized.

“She had been in the divorce for two years,” Jenner said. “I basically took Robert out to dinner and said, ‘Hey, look, Kris is moving on, so we got to get this thing wrapped up because Kris and I are moving on. It’s the best thing for the kids.'”

Since her book came out, Jenner said Kris called her to say she never wanted to talk to her again.

“I said, ‘OK,'” Jenner said. “That’s fine, I move on. Is it sad? Of course it is. But I have no problem with Kris. If that’s the way she feels, that’s the way she feels. My book is honest and it’s my story. I just don’t want her to alienate me from my children.”