Busy Philipps Has Surprise 'Cougar Town' Reunion with Dan Byrd: 'We Both Screamed at the Same Time'

Busy Philipps called the surprise reunion with her Cougar Town onscreen boyfriend Dan Byrd "the greatest treat of all time"

Busy Philipps Has Surprise Cougartown Reunion with Dan Byrd: 'We Both Screamed at the Same Time'
Photo: Peter Hopper Stone/Disney/Getty; Busy Philipps/Instagram

Laurie and Travis are together again!

Busy Philipps enjoyed a surprise reunion with her Cougar Town onscreen boyfriend Dan Byrd, sharing a selfie from their random encounter Saturday, which happened to be Byrd's 36th birthday.

"I dropped Birdie at a friend's yesterday and was walking back to my car in my own head when a man turned the corner with his beautiful family and as we passed each other, we both screamed at the same time, scaring the s--- out of everyone around," Philipps, 42, wrote in the caption.

"Deep apologies to Dan Byrd's incredible wife Lauren and his visiting in-laws for scaring you! Randomly running into my #cougartown boyfriend/baby daddy on the street yesterday ON HIS BIRTHDAY was honestly the greatest treat of all time and made my whole day better."

The pair starred on the sitcom for the entirety of its six-season run from 2009 to 2015. Philipps played Laurie, the friend and real estate assistant to Courteney Cox's Jules. Byrd starred as Travis, Jules' son. By the end of the series, Laurie and Travis ended up dating and having a baby together.

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Philipps previously opened up to PEOPLE about bidding an emotional farewell to the show. "Cougar Town just ended, so I've been crying for like three weeks," she said in 2015. "There were a lot of tears during the last night of shooting. And then we had some tequila and martinis and wine, and we were okay."

The actress paid tribute to Cougar Town back in 2019, as she celebrated the show's 10th anniversary by posting a cast photo from season 1.

"So according to the internet, 10 years ago tonight COUGAR TOWN premiered on ABC (and later moved to TBS) It seems crazy it was 10 years ago but also not crazy at all cause LIFE MAN IT JUST KEEPS GOING, AMIRIGHT?!" she wrote.

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"Anyway, here is a picture from season 1 where I still had baby weight from Birdie, ill-advised bangs and not yet diagnosed post partum anxiety! Anyway. It was one of the most fun shows I've ever been on and honestly, it saved my life and my sanity. I found three pennies today and I thought that was weird and cool but now I understand, the universe was just trying to remind me to play PENNYCAN."

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