The actress posted a personal remembrance of the cult series's final episode

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Attention, Buffy fans: The Slayer is having a moment.

Sarah Michelle Gellar, the actress who played the title role on the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, took to Instagram on Wednesday to remember the series’s final episode, which aired 12 years ago.

Yep, it’s been that long since the cult-favorite teen series called it quits on May 20, 2003. And what a finale, too: Buffy and her Scooby gang fought off yet another apocalypse, and the whole of their hometown, Sunnydale, was obliterated as a result.

Writing on Instagram, Gellar, 38, put the finale in very personal terms, saying, “12 years ago, I said goodbye to a friend. It was an incredible journey that I am so incredibly proud of. Thank you all for joining me, and continuing to tell her story.”

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Anyone in the mood for a rewatch of the entire series? Starting, like, now?