Addison Rae dressed as DC Comics' Harley Quinn, and Bryce Hall went as the Joker
Addison Rae, Byrce Hall
Addison Rae, Byrce Hall
| Credit: Addison Rae/Instagram

Bryce Hall and Addison Rae just can't seem to quit each other.

The two TikTok stars sparked reconciliation rumors over the weekend after they dressed up in a couple's costume to celebrate Halloween together.

For the holiday, Rae (née Addison Easterling) dressed as DC Comics' Harley Quinn, while Hall went as the Joker. And of course, they posted several TikTok videos while in costume.

Later in the night, the pair headed to celebrity hotspot Saddle Ranch in Los Angeles with some friends for dinner, where they were spotted kissing in the back alley after the meal. In a video posted by The Hollywood Fix, Hall and Rae are seen chatting before leaning in for a kiss.

On Sunday, both Hall, 21, and Rae, 20, shared several flirty photos showing off their coordinated looks. In one photo, Rae is seen nuzzled up to Hall with her arms around his neck while they pose together in front of a mirror.

"Crazier," she captioned the post.

Hall shared similar photos on his account, writing, "J + H."

While neither has directly addressed their relationship status, Rae warned about making assumptions based on what is shown on social media.

"Remember, the internet only allows u to see and know what is posted on it!!! u could be missing a lot of information, so always keep that in mind when forming an opinion on someone u don't know," she tweeted on Sunday.

She later clarified that the post was about both friendships and relationships.

"This is referring to my friendships, relationships, and everyone & theirs too! Just remember we're human, don't guilt others in making a decision for their life that you wish they would," she wrote on Instagram, according to the TikTok Room account. "We should all be nice. I don't understand how people allow their hearts and minds to go to evil and dark places to the point where they can hate/degrade someone they don't truly know."

Their night out comes just two months after the on-off couple split. In August, Rae declared herself "single" in a tweet after a brief reconciliation with Hall over the summer.