Bryan: The Last Red Team Man Standing Goes Home

Photo: Photo: Sean Jennings; Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

The drama on this week’s Biggest Loser happened early on with Nicole diving into the shallow end of the Ranch’s swimming pool and chipping her front teeth, but all proceeded as expected from there on out. When the last Red Team member fell below the yellow line, Kim offered a teary but encouraging farewell to Bryan. But don’t shed any tears for the 29-year-old singer and music teacher from Riverdale, Ga., he is now down to 228 lbs. from a starting weight of 346 lbs! PEOPLE spoke to “B” about the Red Team legacy, shopping for clothes and singing for his supper. –Cynthia Wang So you were the last Red Team member standing.Yes, it was kind of a sad day to see us disappear from the campus! But it was a great fit for Kim to be my trainer, and I definitely learned a lot from her philosophy, which is that weight loss is not just for the time being but also for life.

You mentioned the little things that changed, such as not having to use a seat belt extender on the flight back to Georgia. What else have you noticed?Just being able to go shopping at a store and not being worried, ‘Am I going to be able to find my size?’ I am able to buy the clothes I really like now instead of having to settle for what large-size designers are making. There wasn’t anything in particular I had my eye on but there is a boutique that doesn’t sell big men clothes and I went in and everything I tried on fit, so it was a definite confidence booster!

What are you doing with your old clothes?I did give some of my clothes to friends, but one of the stipulations for me giving them all my clothes was that they couldn’t stay in them for too long. They at least had to try to make an effort to get down a few sizes and I think that’s cool, kind of like a pay-it-forward type of thing.

What did your middle school music students think of your progress on the show?They were very excited. A lot of them were disappointed I was eliminated but overall the reaction was supportive. The reaction of the rest of the teachers was very good. I actually work out with some of the teachers once a week now.

You’ve made it to the Hollywood round on American Idol before. How is your music career going and has losing weight helped?Right now, I am working on getting a recording contract. I have been writing and recording. Since the Idol experience, I kind of went into seclusion since my weight got so bad and I didn’t feel comfortable. But now I feel in full bloom and just ready to get, hopefully, signed to someone and put out some inspirational music.

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Photo: Sean Jennings; Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

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