"The director was kind of a neat freak," Cranston explained. "He didn't want any shoes to be scuffing up the floor"

By Jodi Guglielmi
Updated November 03, 2015 09:35 AM
Credit: Douglas Gorenstein/NBC

A swing and a miss – literally!

Before cooking up trouble on Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston was swinging around on Suspended Suspense.

Cranston, 59, stopped by The Tonight Show, where he and host Jimmy Fallon reminisced about an “old” soap opera they worked on together. Joking that it was canceled after three episodes, they explained that they played a pair of brothers suspended in midair throughout their performances on the show Suspended Suspense.

“The director was kind of a neat freak,” Cranston explained as to why the actors were suspended several feet off the ground during the show. “He didn’t want any shoes to be scuffing up the floor.”

Fallon then revealed that he had not one, but three video clips from the show. And as expected, the clips were hilariously bizarre as Cranston and Fallon crash into each other and struggle to control their movements as they act out dramatic scenes. From trying to put down a plate of food to going in for a hug, every movement was a swinging struggle.

But it looks like Fallon and Cranston weren’t the only ones struggling.

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“It wasn’t easy for our crew either,” Fallon explained in between clips. “It was really hard on their arms to keep us lifted.”

And of course, Fallon had a clip to prove it. Watch the men struggle to stay eye level and find themselves in some pretty awkward positions.