"[Jenner] is overwhelmed by all the positive comments following the interview," the source tells PEOPLE


Bruce Jenner is happier than ever now that he is no longer “living a lie,” as he told Diane Sawyer during his bombshell 20/20 interview.

“Bruce seems very relieved that the interview finally aired,” a source tells PEOPLE. “He is overwhelmed by all the positive comments on social media following the interview.”

Echoing another source who told PEOPLE that Jenner, 65, is on a “mission” to help others facing discrimination, the insider says that “he feels very good” about what he did to “help other people in his shoes.”

“He also seems very happy that he is moving forward with his transition,” says the source, adding that, in the past couple of weeks, Jenner “seems more comfortable with his new life. He leaves his house wearing lip gloss and nail polish. He seems more confident, relaxed and definitely more happy.”

A close family source repeated the “relieved” sentiments.

“He’s so relieved,” the source said. “Like a big weight is off of his shoulders. The whole family is relieved too.”

The former Olympian has also received an immense amount of support from his family, about whom he cares so much that part of the reason he kept his secret was so that he wouldn’t hurt them.

While stepdaughter Kim Kardashian West has been Jenner’s biggest supporter on the Kardashian side, she admitted in an interview with Today that it’s a “hard adjustment” but that they all “really support him.”

Meanwhile, his transition continues to be an “ongoing process,” said a source close to the family.

“More and more, and certainly in private, he is living as a woman. … Every day is a new experience but he is more comfortable with who he is now than ever before.”

With reporting by JENNIFER GARCIA

Bruce Jenner’s Journey to Transition