Bruce Jenner says he's "sick" of speculation about his personal life on social media

By Gillian Telling
Updated January 19, 2015 01:00 PM

He’s usually pretty quiet on social media, but Bruce Jenner has finally spoken out against the media speculation that he’s transitioning into a woman.

“Lies and Lies and Lies. Sick of it,” he posted on Instagram on Saturday, along with a photo of the horribly photoshopped InTouch cover that shows the the KUWTK star wearing lipstick, blush, and a red pantsuit. (The clip also noted that they had “caught Bruce in the car crying the same day the cover was released.”)

Jenner, 65, who recently officially divorced Kris Kardashian, 59, has never officially spoken out about his changing physical appearance, but sources tell PEOPLE that it’s likely because he’s a fiercely private person – not because he has anything he wants to hide.

“Bruce has really no interest in responding to everything that comes out in the media about him,” says a close family friend. “He’s much more private than people think.”

As for why he’s undergone the obvious plastic surgeries, the source also says it’s really just about his wanting to remain young looking.

“The guy is getting older and doing what he can to keep a youthful look,” the source says. “Think about it. If you were a guy who is losing his hair and decides to get plugs or a transplant, do you address it with everyone in your life? It’s certainly not a crime, and he’s happy about the way he looks.”

Sources close to the show also say that Bruce’s appearance will not be addressed in the upcoming 10th season, which is currently filming and is set to air in spring.

“He prefers to keep things private,” says a production source.