November 10, 2007 12:00 AM

Watch a sneak peek of this Sunday’s new Brothers & Sisters (10 p.m. ET, ABC), which promises to ratchet the drama up a notch or ten with a family intervention for Justin. And check out this great B&S fan Web site, which also includes a few hints at future episodes:

Producer/director Ken Olin, best remembered as Michael Steadman on the classic drama thirtysomething, guest stars in the Dec. 2 episode, playing an old “friend” of Holly’s. Holly, who’s played by actress Patricia Wettig, also happens to be Olin’s real-life wife and thirtysomething cohort.

And in the Nov. 25 episode, Robert enlists a musical performance by guest star Lyle Lovett to try to coax Kitty past her case of cold feet about their impending nuptials.

Back to this week, the Justin intervention promises to be a tearjerker . . . do you think the family’s efforts will send him reeling towards rehab? And will he ‘fess up to them that part of what’s bugging him is guilt over the fact that he’s back at home while his military buddies are still in danger in Iraq? –Kimberly Potts

Photo: NBC

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