The former hockey player said on his podcast last month that "a big part of my journey in 2020 is exploring my sexuality"

Brooks Laich is practicing his cooking skills by making breakfast for his wife, Julianne Hough!

The podcaster, 36, shared his culinary adventure on his Instagram Story on Wednesday, proudly presenting the morning feast of pancakes, bacon, and scrambled eggs to Hough, 31, at the end.

“You guys, I’m using this social distancing time to work on a magical skill. I’m getting better at cooking breakfast,” he said before showing off his ingredients. “So today we have pancakes, we have smoked salmon, I’m going to make some scrambled eggs and some turkey bacon and some tea. And I already have the table set.”

“I’m working on the skill of making a fantastic breakfast,” he added excitedly.

“Skills training begins now,” the former hockey player said, explaining that the most important things to remember are to have fresh ingredients on hand, as well as to “prep, prep, prep.”

Laich then showed his prepared ingredients, including sliced fruit for the pancakes and vegetables for the eggs. Laich also made sure to have Sriracha sauce handy, explaining “My wife likes it on top of the eggs.”

“I’m freaking ready to go,” he said. “This is gonna be the breakfast of all time.”

Brooks Laich
Brooks Laich’s Instagram Story
| Credit: Brooks Laich/instagram
Brooks Laich
Brooks Laich’s Instagram Story
| Credit: Brooks Laich/instagram

“This is where it gets hot,” he went on, as all the different portions of the meal were cooking. “You’ve got to manage those, you’ve gotta manage that, you’ve gotta manage the turkey bacon. See how it goes here.”

“I’ve failed miserably at this before, but I’m working on it,” he admitted.

And while Laich said he messed up the first four pancakes, he finally got everything right and was ready for Hough to enjoy the meal with him.

“Oh, look at you!” Hough said in the final video as she joined her husband, wearing a long white dress and wet hair. “Woah, woah, woah.”

Brooks Laich
Julianne Hough
| Credit: Brooks Laich/instagram

The sweet husbandly gesture comes after Laich credited Hough with his interest in exploring his sexuality.

“A big part of my journey in 2020 is exploring my sexuality. And by that I don’t mean if I’m gay or straight. I mean, in my sexual relationship, what is my sexuality and what am I craving, and what are my desires and what are my wife’s?” he said in an episode of his podcast, How Men Think, last month.

“How can we have this language to feed each other and get everything we want and be sexually expressed to the nth degree in everything,” he added, saying that as an athlete, “learning and figuring out my capacity for sexual feelings” hasn’t always been something he’s thought a lot about.

Julianne Hough and Brooks Laich
Julianne Hough, Brooks Laich
| Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty

“I woke up as an athlete, wanted to train, wanted to eat, sleep, rest, perform. Sexuality was way below all of that for the majority of my life,” he said.

Hough revealed last summer that she’s “not straight,” and told PEOPLE in December that she loves “everyone.”

“I’ve never been a fan of labels, I don’t identify that way,” she said. “And so for me, it’s just about love.”

Last month, Hough and Laich enjoyed a lunch date in Studio City, California — though Hough’s wedding ring was notably absent during the outing, which came after sources told PEOPLE that the couple was experiencing a rough patch in their marriage.