Brooke White Wows on 'Idol'

It was a bit of a rough night for the ladies of American Idol. Many of the female contestants who performed Wednesday struggled, whether it was with song choice, hitting the notes on difficult songs or sounding current with the night’s ’70s theme.

While fan favorites like Carly Smithson and Amanda Overmeyer didn’t showcase their talents to their fullest potential, others who stumbled last week, like Kristy Lee Cook, bounced back a bit but still didn’t wow the judges. And others, like Alexandr a Lushington, just flopped.

Then there was Brooke White, who sat on a stool, strummed her guitar and sang Carly Simon‘s “You’re So Vain.” Her performance was almost flawless and all three judges praised her for finding the perfect song — one that suited her, showed off her voice and was timeless in its appeal.

All she could say was “Thank you.” And, in a night when so many underperformed, that’s all we could say to her.

Tell us: was Brooke White the best of the night? Who was better?FOX

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