By People Staff
Updated July 14, 2008 12:00 AM
Credit: Mark Mainz/AP

Brooke White took some time out of her busy American Idol Live! tour schedule to blog on her MySpace page about an average day on the road. As it turns out, her days are not so average. Here are some highlights:

• Brooke was so busy, she couldn’t write her post in just one location. She starts out in Sacramento, Calif., and ended up in Portland, Ore.

David Archuleta and Jason Castro are fan favorites. “If I could make a dollar for every time a fan asked me if I could go inside and get a David or Jason to come outside and sign their T-shirt, I would be a very rich woman!” she says.

• It’s like the Beatles! “I’ve seen girls hyper-ventilate, have a full on break down, I’m not kidding!” she writes.

• There is only one makeup and one hair person for all 10 performers. As for Brooke, the hair stylist brushes her “curly and massive hair,” then gives her extensions. For makeup, she gets dramatic “smokey eyes and long lashes.”

• Although Brooke likes to wear heels to look taller, she performs barefoot ever since an accident at a Fresno show turned out to be a good thing. “At the last minute I found out that my shoes were nowhere to be found, that meant I had to go out and play with out shoes! This was a wonderful blessing in disguise, as just the day before I was trying to figure out how I was going to play in those heels again and actually look… cool. Sure enough this really helped me play and move with greater confidence and ease, I might still be a little ‘quirky’ as my husband says, but I don’t know if there is much I can do about that.”

• She’s still in shock. “Some days I still wonder how I got this far, and when I am on the stage and see the fans, I get this feeling of gratitude, for everything that everyone has done to help me. In these moments, all the challenges, the struggles, the work… becomes worth it!” Mark Mainz/AP