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October 15, 2008 12:00 AM

This season of Dancing with the Stars almost had one heck of a ballroom match-up — between Brooke Burke and her fianc David Charvet!

“The show actually asked me to come on this season and compete against her,” Charvet told PEOPLE. “But I couldn’t because I was shooting a movie.”

Work obligations aside, it seems Charvet isn’t so sure he has what it takes to go through the ballroom grind. “I think it would have been fun,” says the former Baywatch actor, “but when I see what Brooke has to go through every day, and how nerve-racking it is, I don’t know if I could do it.”

As for Burke, the notion of facing off against her beau on the parquet is an appealing proposition. “I’d love to see him pour himself into it on the eight-hour-day commitment,” she says. “David’s got rhythm and he loves music, and I think he would do really well.” It would have been fitting: The couple first met on the dance floor at a charity event in Mexico. ‘It was really romantic,” says Charvet. “We saw each other from across the way, there was a dance floor set up on the beach and we just hit it off.”

If the couple actually went toe-to-toe on the parquet, Burke, this season’s front-runner, has no doubt what the eventual outcome of their dance-off would be. “At first I thought that it would be really cool, a great twist for the show,” says Burke, adding with a grin, “But now, I actually think that it’s a good thing that he didn’t join the show, because he wouldn’t have won this season.” –Reagan Alexander

David Livingston/Getty

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