"My kids were in the car when I got the call and my son shouted, 'You got fired Mommy?!,' " Burke says
Credit: Dave Allocca/Starpix/Startraks

It sounds like Brooke Burke-Charvet has accepted the fact that she was replaced by Erin Andrews as Tom Bergeron’s co-host on Dancing with the Stars for its 18th season.

Even so, the surprise she initially expressed upon learning her fate still resonates.

“The only shocking thing about it, for me, was the way in which it all went down,” the season 7 mirror ball trophy winner, 42, wrote on Thursday on her Modern Mom blog. “Finding out that I would not be returning to the ballroom just weeks before the premiere was quite a shake up. I would have appreciated a heads-up and the courtesy of communication, but we are not always privileged to get that in the workplace.”

Tacked on to dealing with her own shock came the reaction from her kids, who were in the car when she received the call with the news.

“My son shouted, ‘You got fired Mommy?!’ ” Burke-Charvet says. “I tried to explain the difference between being fired and being let go. Then he yelled, ‘You quit!’ I laughed at the fine line in it all. Then I did my very best to describe to my children the reality of change and the need to maneuver through it with grace.”

The TV personality is moving forward, but still holding positive DWTS memories close to her as she looks to new endeavors.

“I made many friends, [whom] I will keep and support in every way,” Burke-Charvet, who calls the former experience a “blast,” says. “I had the honor to work beside Tom Bergeron, whom I adore and have great respect for. I learned many valuable life lessons and TV skills in the chaos of live television. I am very grateful for my time at DWTS and I’m never greedy – eight seasons was the perfect run.”

Continues Burke-Charvet: “I will always celebrate my coveted mirror ball trophy and all that it parlayed me into. I’ll never forget dancing in the arms of the brilliant Derek Hough and how he helped me to find the rhythm in my own world.”

She also thanks her “funny and crazy fans” for their support through the tough time, ending with the quote: “The way in which you walk out is equally as important as the way you stroll in. That goes for life, love, and everything in between.”

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