Find out how the so-called "Brokeback Bachelor" went down on Monday's episode
Credit: ABC

As Kaitlyn Bristowe got to know the remaining 13 contestants on The Bachelorette, there was another relationship blooming among the ranks.

With all of their downtime in the Bachelorette mansion, Clint Arlis and JJ Lane bonded over music, hot tubs and being self-described “brainiacs” and “villains.” (“Villains gotta vill,” said Arlis on Monday’s episode.)

Clint was dubbed the “Brokeback Bachelor” by ABC in promos that aired last week, insinuating that a romance was brewing between JJ and Clint. To be fair, Clint did say in the promo that “falling in love with a man never crossed my mind.”

However, Clint later took to social media to jokingly apologize to his father and to refer to himself as a “proud, 30-year-old woman and it’s 2015,” which led to some criticism.

The outcry may have been well-founded, however, as the much-hyped relationship appeared entirely platonic – though quite close – in nature.

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“Clint and JJ are two peas in a pod,” said fellow contestant Justin Reich, adding that the two hang out in the pool together, cook together, eat together or just sit on the couch together – all of these claims were backed up by B-roll footage of the two being the best of buds. “They get a little pep in their step when they’re together.”

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Joe Bailey, another one of the suitors, said that Clint and JJ “[didn’t] even realize what they were doing. I think they’re just all about each other.”

“I feel like I’ve connected with JJ probably more than Kaitlyn right now. We’re so similar it’s actually insane,” said Clint in an interview with Bachelorette cameras. “I never thought that I’d meet someone here. We’ve grown so close – almost too close,” he continued, breaking off to laugh about a possible group shower. Clint added that the love he had found with JJ has made him “a success story.”

At the cocktail party – which was Clint and JJ’s chance to prove to Kaitlyn that they wanted to stay in the competition – Clint was mainly worried that leaving the competition would mean leaving his new best bro behind.

Indeed, it’s a possibility that Clint is indeed gay and that he is genuinely in love with JJ. However, it mainly appeared as if he thought his comments about JJ were simply hilarious. After all, he was pretty well into making out with Kaitlyn during their one-on-one date last week.

Human sexuality may be fluid and life is a rich tapestry, but it appears as though Clint’s place on the Kinsey scale is fairly unambiguous. (But hey, maybe the show will prove us wrong next week!)

The Bachelorette airs Mondays (8 p.m. ET) on ABC.