'Broad City' 's Ilana and Abbi Explain That Bed Bath & Beyond Obsession: 'We Love It!'

"When people say 'obsessed,' we're always like, 'Oh, jeez,' " Ilana Glazer tells Katie Couric

Photo: Brad Barket/Getty

Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson want to make one thing clear: They’re not that into Bed Bath and Beyond, despite their ode to the domestic retailer on Broad City.

“When people say ‘obsessed,’ we’re always like, ‘Oh, jeez,’ ” Glazer told Yahoo global news anchor Katie Couric in an interview that aired Wednesday.

“No, like, I’m not obsessed with Bed Bath & Beyond really at all,” Jacobson said, adding that her mother worked there while she was growing up.

“But we love it!” Glazer finished.

Still, there’s a lot of truth in that hilarious scene from season 1 of Broad City, the MTV comedy both women star in and created based on their successful web series. Jacobson may not have intricate handshakes with each employee, but she did suffer the heartbreaking loss after an envelope full of coupons was mistakenly thrown out by a roommate – even though, as her character Abbi and Couric both noted, they never expire!

Couric’s interview touched on everything from the show’s humble beginnings online to the ladies’ “micro impressions” of Miley Cyrus and Lil Wayne. Glazer, 28, and Jacobson, 31, also discussed walking an ethical line with their bawdy humor (“I think there’s something to being an imperfect role model,” Glazer said) – and their shock that portraying a strong female friendship is considered trailblazing.

“That should be everywhere,” Jacobson said. “Why is this not the norm? It’s kind of ridiculous.”

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