Brittany Snow Reveals Her 2 Must-Haves at Her Wedding to Tyler Stanaland

The Almost Family star announced she was engaged to Tyler Stanaland in February

Brittany Snow might not have started wedding planning but she already knows what two things are a must-have on her big day!

The Almost Family star, 33, revealed that her boyfriend Tyler Stanaland had popped the question in February. Now, eight months later, Snow admits that the couple is still soaking up their engagement and haven’t thought about details for their upcoming nuptials.

“People are like, ‘When’s the date? When’s the date?’ ” Snow, who recently moved to New York City with her fiancé, tells PEOPLE. “And we have just been enjoying being engaged and taking our time with it.”

“I’m sure our wedding planners are mad that we’re taking our time with it but we have the rest of our lives!” she jokingly adds.

Tyler Stanaland, Brittany Snow

Despite not having any definite plans, the actress says two particular things will be at her wedding no matter what.

“My dog Billie! My dog is going to be somehow in the wedding. I don’t know if I trust her with the rings but she’s the most important thing in our lives right now so I guess that’s a huge must,” Snow says, before adding, “And margaritas!”

The actress first announced her engagement on Instagram Feb. 19, posting a sweet black and white photo of the couple sharing a kiss while having dinner together.

“A couple weeks ago, I said ‘YES’ about a million times to the man of my wildest & most beautiful dreams,” Snow wrote in the caption. “After celebrating with friends and family, we wanted to let a few more friends (you guys) know… this happened.”

She added, “I’m still pinching myself and thanking my lucky stars for the truest feeling I’ve ever felt. Thank you @tylerstanaland for the happiest day of my life & for not proposing in this creepy empty restaurant.”

The actress also shared a photo of her engagement ring, as well as another shot of the couple kissing.

Snow says she was completely surprised by the proposal.

“I was completely shocked, I did not think that was coming but it was great,” she tells PEOPLE. “I like how private it was. It was very us and it was really nice keeping it quiet… At the end of it, we had a party with family and it was very special because it was just a great day.”

“I didn’t even know that he was paying close attention but at one point, I told him that I liked this ring and then I guess I had shared a picture of it with a friend and he got the picture from her,” Snow adds of her round-cut diamond engagement ring.

Part of the reason that Snow hasn’t given her wedding much thought yet is due to the fact she’s been focused on her role as Julia Bechley in Fox’s new drama, Almost Family.

The show follows Julia as she discovers that her father, who works as a prominent fertility doctor, has used his sperm to conceive dozens of children.

Brittany Snow
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Though Snow hasn’t experienced anything like that first-hand, she says it was easy to step into the role because of how similar her personality is to the character.

“I love Julia because she means so well,” Snow explains. “In her own way, she’s very multilayered in her approach to things and she leads with her heart. She wants to take care of people and wants people to always feel comfortable and at the same time, she gets in her own way and she’s a constant overthinker and she speaks without thinking.”

“I can relate to that. It’s pretty much a very heightened version of me,” she continues. “I’ve always wanted to play a character that I related to so much.”

“Even though I haven’t been in that situation, I can definitely understand the awkwardness and how people like that have to deal with awkward situations,” she adds. “I’m not very good at it, as well, and I think that Julia always has to catch up to her own doing, so she always puts her foot in her mouth because she’s not thinking about the repercussions.”

Almost Family premieres on Wed. Oct 2 at 9 p.m. ET on FOX.

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