Britney Spears to Extend Her Vegas Show Three Months

Despite tearing some ligaments during a recent fall in her show, the singer tells Ellen DeGeneres on Tuesday that "the show must go on"

Photo: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Although Britney Spears recently injured herself after taking a tumble during her Vegas show, the singer said Tuesday, “The show must go on.”

And it will – for an additional three months.

In an unexpected appearance on Tuesday’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show, pop princess, 33, surprises the audience not only with the news that her show has been extended but also with tickets to a performance.

“I just think you should give our entire audience tickets,” says Ellen DeGeneres, prompting the crowd to go wild.

Spears tells DeGeneres, 57, that she “tore some ligaments” when she fell: “I actually wasn’t doing anything that hard,” the singer says. “I was just kind of bopping around. I’ve done, like, eight years worth of shows and I’ve never actually fell on stage so it was really kind of embarrassing.”

Continues Spears, “I just fell down, and I got up, and my dancers kind of guided me to keep going.”

Spears and her Piece of Me show – which, according to DeGeneres, recently won Best Show and Best Bachelorette Party in Vegas – will keep going, too, as long as her “wild” fans keep coming.

“[I see] a lot of wild things,” Spears adds. “Tattoos of my face on people’s arms, which is really kind of crazy.”

“That’s intense when people do your whole face on the arm right?” the host jokes. “That’s a commitment.”

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