The singer performed her new song "Make Me..."

August 04, 2016 01:00 AM

Surprise, Jimmy Kimmel!

In a pre-taped segment for Wednesday’s show, Britney Spears and her five half-naked backup dancers pranked the late night host by barging into his bedroom while he was sound asleep.

Talk about the ultimate wake-up call!

Masterminded by Kimmel’s wife Molly McNearney, the pop singer surprised Kimmel with an impromptu dance performance that practically could be a segment from her “Piece of Me” Vegas residency.

Complete with stage lights and full-volume audio of her new single “Make Me,” Spears and crew pulled it off when a disoriented Kimmel looked around his room.

The epic prank aired on the same day Spears announced the Aug. 26 release date of her ninth studio album Glory.

Kimmel was previously pranked with a similar shtick by Rihanna who tricked the 2016 Emmys emcee on April Fool’s Day 2015.

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