Bristol Palin and Dakota Meyer Decide to End Their Marriage as the 'Teen Mom OG' Cameras Roll

Bristol Palin and Dakota Meyer made the decision to end their marriage on Monday night's episode of Teen Mom OG

Bristol Palin and Dakota Meyer‘s emotional decision to end their marriage earlier this year was revealed on Monday night’s episode of Teen Mom OG.

The two sat down together to discuss the tensions in their relationship as MTV’s cameras rolled. Palin, 27, asked Meyer, 30, if he was “okay” before touching on their marriage.

“I was a single mom for a long time but being married, I’m more lonely now than I’ve ever been,” she explained to MTV producer Kerthy. “And I know that he’s probably more lonely now than he’s ever been. I think that we don’t know how to, like, coexist together at all.”

The former U.S. Marine was the only surviving member of his platoon during the war in Afghanistan, which has left him suffering from PTSD and anxiety — something both have struggled to overcome together.

“Yeah, yeah it’s been tough. Ninety-nine percent of our problems in this family, in our marriage, is my anxiety and my PTSD whether you want to believe or justify it or not,” he told her.

“I fully take responsibility of becoming cold. And I am sorry. I’m sorry that I am that way, I don’t think you deserve to have a wife that’s that way and I want you to have a sense of peace,” she said. “I do feel like we are better people when we’re not together.”

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Turning to Kerthy, Meyer said, “Obviously, you know, Bristol doesn’t want to be together anymore. For me, I just get the same feeling that I do with my teammates, that I failed again and that I’m helpless again.”

“That’s the hard part of it. I know where my heart is for her, I know that I love her and I know that I give her my everything,” he added.

Palin attempted to comfort him, saying, “You’re not a failure, you’re not a failure at all.”

“I mean, we’re quitting on our marriage. You know, the only people that are going to suffer is our kids. We’re quitting,” he said.

“But our kids are also going to suffer and I think they’ll suffer even more if we sat here and continued to try to do this relationship. It’s not a good situation,” she replied.

The two apologized to each other for past mistakes.

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“I’m sorry for everything I’ve said to you. I’ve said things to you that I didn’t mean,” Meyer said.

“And I’m sorry about the things I’ve said to you. I think you’re the most incredible dad and it breaks my heart that we’re never able to sit here and be teammates with anything,” Palin told him.

Meyer attempted to keep control over his emotions as he said, “Well, I mean, this is not what I want. I’ll still be here but I do love you.”

“And I do love you too, and I know we love our kids, and I know we’ll always do what’s best for our kids, 100 percent,” she said, crying. “They’re just my world. That’s all and I know that this situation is not what’s best for them.”

Palin and Meyer called off their first wedding in May 2015 but later reunited and got married in June 2016. Then Meyer filed for divorce in February.

Meyer recently told PEOPLE that the relationship had problems for a long time. “This relationship was done way before Teen Mom OG,” he said.

“Our relationship has had struggles from day one. I think we tried our best,” he added. “I can definitely say that I tried in this relationship.”

Teen Mom OG airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on MTV.

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